5 Celebrity Couples Who Give Us Serious #Lovegoals

If we’re being completely honest, we all love our dose of celeb news. We get inspired by their fashion statements, we applaud their good work and we feel our hearts melt with every gesture of love they display. And if you too fall in this category, then these celebrity couples will make you feel like you’re watching a romcom! Here are our picks of the most romantic, most aspirational and most in-love couples who’re totally killing it in life and love! 

Celebrity couple
Celebrity couple

PeeCee & Nick Jonas 

This couple has been all things goals since the day they got together. From owning the Met Gala where they walked together for the first time, to their ridiculously amazing wedding, the fact they chose to do a gift registry and now their beautiful baby via surrogacy—they’re always setting trends. And when it comes to #couplegoals, you don’t have to look much further. Chopra and Jonas are very comfortable with PDA, are always gushing about each other, and their Instagram account looks like all things love! From fun roasts to family and a celebration of festivals across cultures, they truly are the couple to get inspired by. 

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

Now here is a couple that is so obviously and genuinely in love its hard not to look at them wistfully. This Hollywood power couple has three daughters and it seems their favourite social media pastime is to troll each other! Reynolds’ sense of humour is bang on, and his constant jokes about his partner and kids only goes to show how strong the love they fee inside is. Follow them on Instagram to stay constantly entertained and to make your heart go aaawwww…. 


Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma 


With celebrity couples, sometimes its hard to tell what’s real and what’s for the cameras. But this is one couple that always manages to come out strong and honest. From Sharma’s cheering at all of Kohli’s matches to his beautiful social media posts celebrating his wife, and now their collective effort to shield their daughter from social media, they always seem strong, steady and serious #couplegoals. 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

You may be pro the royals or pro the “no-longer” royals, but if there is one thing no one can deny, it’s the love that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share. Their love story could not get more Bollywood if they tried, with him leaving his family and title to stand by his wife. And every time the two stand together, you can see the love they share loud and clear. 


Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan 

They’ve been around the block, had a long relationship followed by an even longer married life and two beautiful children. But this couples continues to give us couple goals with their rock solid devotion to each other and their beautiful way of making their “modern family” work! The way they have managed their relationship with each other’s families, Khan’s children from his previous marriage and their career can only happen with a rock solid foundation. 

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