Bride & COVID 19 Warrior Oshin on Safe Weddings-a Doctor’s POV

You’ve been eagerly awaiting your big day, and everything is planned (or over-planned, if you’re anything like me). As a health terror a.k.a. COVID 19 encompasses the world, the dreaded thought pops up—What about my wedding? As one of the affected brides, I understand your pain.

The quarantine has made it impossible to have a mega 500-people Bollywood wedding you’ve dreamed of. Many of us are rescheduling it to a time when gathering restrictions will be eased, while some of us opt for a simple ceremony and a grand reception in the future. No matter when and how you plan on having the wedding, There are some key health points to keep in mind.

Oshin's Guide to COVID 19 weddings
Oshin’s Guide to COVID 19 weddings

From the point of view of a doctor and public health researcher here’s how to have a safe wedding amidst the COVID 19 pandemic:

Limit the number

Despite government policies or relaxations, I would suggest any wedding in the coming year (until June 2021) should restrict the number of guests to not more than 100. This is to ensure that even if there are affected individuals (which there might be), it is best to keep the guests manageable and not contribute to the spread of the COVID 19 infection.

Medic on hand

As the world drowns itself in hand sanitizer, another phenomenon overtaking the population is panic from common symptoms like cough and cold. Refrain from consuming, or making any guest consume, antibiotics without reason, as indiscriminate use of antibiotics further lowers our ability to fight infections. Wherever you plan on getting hitched, make sure there is a doctor nearby and reachable, who can diagnose and prescribe medications to soothe nerves, before a body fever takes away the party fever.

Limit travel

Destination weddings are my dream too, but this involves unnecessary movement of a large number of people. This is not advised, as in case of any active infections occurring, it will get much more complicated if the patient is not near their homes where they can self-isolate.

Digital over physical

Limiting travel not only applies to your guests, but also to other aspects of your wedding. For example, the distribution of invitations puts a heavy burden on the service/postal industry, thus putting more people at risk. Choose to put out elegant E-invites through your wedding website. Gone is the era when sending E-Invites was “tacky”. Sustainable and safe is the new sexy.

Forks over knives

Coming from a Punjabi and Bengali family, I can’t tell you how much this hurts, but the truth is that steering clear of any non-vegetarian food is your best bet. As a doctor, I can tell you all about how animal products are harmful to our physiology, but you don’t need me to tell you, because we’ve all been watching the news. It wouldn’t be a surprise if guests oppose to having animal products in the menu. But fret not! Mock meats have never been more realistic in taste and texture, and also fairly cost-friendly.

Don’t ditch

Don’t cancel any vendors you have booked already. These vendors’ livelihoods are dependent on you and me. As they have already taken a hit, be considerate and refrain from bargaining. Even designers are now discussing more pocket-friendly lines for brides, as many couples have faced pay cuts because of the new work structure. If you haven’t booked vendors already, go for eco-friendly florists and caterers.

Giving is the best gift

Numerous underprivileged families and workers will bear the aftermath of this COVID 19 pandemic in the coming months. While many couples already opt for the “gifts in the form of blessings” policy, you could also suggest NGO’s in your registry, to which the guests could donate, as a gift to you. This is sure to bring you the blessings of all those benefitted!

I hope that these tips help you have the best version of your dream wedding in COVID 19 times. Happy nuptials!

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