The Complete Guide To Plan A Destination Wedding In Goa

A destination wedding is as magical and beautiful as it sounds. If you are dreaming of a location that not only has a beachy vibe and element to it but also has a romantic aesthetic all around then Goa is the spot! Goa is a destination that most people want to get married at work towards making it happen. A destination wedding in Goa is a dream come true for most couples. Now, if you are not from Goa you must wonder, ‘how exactly do I plan on getting married at this destination?’. 

Destination Wedding in Goa
Destination Wedding in Goa

We know that weddings are perfect dreams that want to be made reality and that is why we have created a guide of sorts with the best locations/venues, wedding planners, photographers, videographers and much more that will make it easier to fulfil this dream.

Perfect Venues

A destination wedding in Goa definitely screams a picturesque wedding venue. Now, you must wonder there may be so many locations in Goa that are equally beautiful but how do you narrow down the choices… which venues do you add to your list as a must-visit? Well, worry not as we have got that covered for you!

#1. Alila Diwa

Alila Diwa is one of the most sought after and most loved resort for destination weddings in Goa. If you want to tie-the-knot in Goa and are searching for a gorgeous venue, it does not get better than Alila Diwa. In total, they have 5 locations where you can have your wedding, outdoor and indoor locations. Depending on your wedding vision you can choose the location. They have specialized wedding packages for the couple, these packages can also be customized based on the likes and wants of the couple too!F

Location: 48/10, Adao Waddo, Majorda, Goa 403713


#2. The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa

Doesn’t The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa paint a very romantic, beachy, yet elegant wedding picture in your minds? If you want a destination wedding in Goa, this out to be a resort you have on your list! It is an extremely loved venue that has memories of many Indian weddings too. If a fairytale wedding is something you want, consider it done; that is if you choose this resort! The design and layout of the location in this resort for weddings will definitely make you squeal with joy!

Location: Pedda, Varca, Goa 403721


#3. Reis Magos Fort

If you are looking to have some Goan-Portuguese ancestral feel to your destination wedding in Goa then you cannot miss Reis Magos Fort. This beautiful landmark was built during the Portuguese era and has a great amount of history and detail ensuring that your wedding will not be short of anything. Apart from its rich past, they offer great wedding packages according to the likes of the couple, this would definitely make things for a destination wedding so much simpler. The scale of your wedding is not a matter of concern here, as they have an option for a grand extravaganza or a really intimate family celebration. Reading all about this sounds extremely enticing, doesn’t it?

Location: Verem, Bardez, Goa 403114


Best Wedding Planners 

When planning a destination wedding in Goa, you have got to have the best wedding planners there could ever be! We know this statement crossed your mind, which is why we took the liberty for you to check out these three most loved and recommended wedding planners in Goa. Hey… you have got to start from somewhere, why not start your search with these great planners?

#1. Ankit Bhargava 

Ankit has been in the wedding planning business long before you could imagine. He has the vision that the couple dreams of and has the will and power to execute and deliver exactly that. Whatever you have in mind for your special day he will make it come true. Ankit knows and believes that weddings are sacred and special, it creates space for more happiness and love than ever possible! He specializes in destination weddings, and have planned destination weddings in Goa previously.


#2. Reynold Weddings

Reynold Weddings have been planning destination weddings in Goa for about 23 years now. You can say that they have great experience and an eye for extremely tasteful execution and ideas. Whatever wedding vision you have in mind, they are ready to hear it and ensure that it will be the best. Expect nothing less than a flawless wedding plan from these wedding planners.


#3. WeddingsNDreams

 Just as their company name suggests, these wedding planners offer nothing but dreamy wedding plans. A destination wedding in Goa with these wedding planners can only mean one thing, and that is perfect. Their creative concepts and flawless execution will make your wedding planning process extremely simple and hassle-free.


Did You Say Decor?

Once you have found the best wedding venue your next step is to find the best wedding decorators. Destinations weddings in Goa build-up an expectation of how you want your perfect day to be seen and celebrated. For that, you need to have the most creative, versatile, and modern decorators. Lucky for you, we found the top three wedding decorators in the Goan market that are adored by many. Here’s hoping you fall in love with them too. 

#1. Golden Aisle

Sparkly, gorgeous, spectacular… are these the adjectives that come to your mind when you describe the decoration and aesthetic of your wedding? Well, lucky for you that Golden Aisle understands this perfectly. Their vision is your vision and they are extremely bent towards making your vision the best reality. Their experience has widened their creative horizon which makes them come up with ideas that are incredible.! Loving the sound of these decorators for your destination wedding in Goa, well then reach out to them!

Contact: 1198 Rua Abade Faria, Margao, Goa 403 601.

#2. K V Decor

A destination wedding in Goa means that you have got to have the best wedding decorators too, and K V Decor isn’t to be missed. If you are a person who believes in less is more and are in love with a minimalist approach, then this wedding decorator is the perfect match for you. A match made in heaven isn’t just for your relationship with your partner but also with this wedding decorator. Their timeless design and refined creativity will pull you towards saying yes to them. Too good to be true? Well, why don’t you find out?

Contact: 0091 9923 418 248, 0091 9921 275 925

#3. Purple Tree Events Solution

This wedding decorator has ideas that will floor you (in a good way) and solutions to your many tough decisions. They are accommodating and also are very strict with finding the best with the budget they are on. If you are a perfectionist then this wedding decorator is the right one for you! Click here to find out more about them, and if you love them then give them a call and ask them to be ‘the one’ decorator for your destination wedding in Goa!

Contact: 090499 84733

The Wedding Beauty Look

Your wedding makeup look is something that needs careful thought and planning and since you want a destination wedding in Goa you need someone who is perfect at doing wedding makeup. Here are the three most recommended makeup artists in Goa who will ensure you look phenomenal.

#1. Gen Reilly 

She is a known face and highly recommended makeup artist in Goa. Her makeup looks often result in soft, natural, yet beautiful look for brides. She is extremely well-known in the makeup industry and having her in your makeup tribe for your special day will surely mean that there will not be a single mistake on the makeup front.


#2. Glittering Makeovers By Smruti

Just as the name suggests, glitz and glamorous wedding makeup looks are guaranteed. This makeup artist has years of experience in makeup and hairstyling, be it a traditional or modern approach; she has got the knack for it all.


#3. Makeup Mistress

Their name may sound a little aggressive but their work is beautifully exceptional. If you want your wedding makeup look to be very professional then you have to reach out to Makeup Mistress. Since you are having a destination wedding in Goa you want nothing to fall short in making this a remarkable occasion. So give this wedding makeup artist a call, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.


Food and Beverages Please! 

Apart from the venue, destination and million other things that have to be perfect at a wedding the one thing that needs to be spot on is the food and beverages. The way to ensuring your guests are head over heels with your spectacular destination wedding in Goa is to find the best caterers there are. We hope you reach out to these three caterers and try out their delicious food to only pick the best! 

#1. Fogueri Caterers

This wedding food caterers have made things extremely simple and sorted for you. They have wedding packages that you can easily choose from for your special day. Rest assured the taste of the food is impeccable and truly scrumptious. Reach out to them and taste a couple of their dishes, you will really be happy!


#2. Chanekar Caterers

Drool-worthy food is the only expectation from this caterer in Goa. Once you try their food, there is no turning back or even a hint of doubt about selecting them. Their range and variety of dishes may make you choose a lot of dishes but know for sure that they are incredible.


#3. Amoncar Classic Catering

High quality and extremely affordable. This caterer will only impress your tastebuds and leave you wanting for more! Words cannot describe how incredible their food is, which is why you have to try it out to find out.


Memory Perfect! 

Pictures and films are memories that are lived forever, and since yours is a destination wedding in Goa you out to have phenomenal pictures. We found the top photographers/ videographers in Goa, whose clicks and pictures will take your breath away. Don’t hold your breath just yet, the best is yet to come! 

#1. Rahul Decunha

Rahul is a visionary, and his wedding shots are breath-taking; in the purest sense. He doesn’t just capture the most important moments but also moments and candids that one would’ve never thought of. His vision and creative approach to weddings are like no other and that is why you have to reach out to him and find out if he is the perfect match to your special day!

#2. The Creative Lens

Just as the name suggests, their approach to wedding photography is very different, unique and extremely special. Just have a look at their portfolio and wedding films, you will understand how our words cannot rave enough about their immense talent.

#3. Navin Studio

Navin Studio is all you can hope and dream for as wedding photography and cinematography. Their shots and story concepts will leave you teary-eyed. If you have a similar vision of how you want your wedding film and photo album to be then you have found your match.

A destination wedding in Goa means that you have to figure and sort every little thing, from A-Z, it has to be perfect and in accordance with your dream. Since it is your special day we want it to be perfect and hope that these perfect matches will make your fairytale dream come true.

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