Famous Indian Weddings That Were Centred Around A Unique Theme

Wedding celebrations no matter how big or small, are always lots of fun. It is a day filled with all what you envisioned come to life. Every wedding is created and centred around a theme. And when we say theme, we do not mean just some colour scheme but actual props, and many other items to support it. A wedding a dream come to life, and regardless of the scale there is always the core element that celebrates and amplifies the experience. 

We all know that in most weddings, there are always floral arrangements, pops of colours, pastels used. These are quite normative in most Indian weddings, and with the trends that go by each year every wedding is dictated by certain styles and colours. However, the wedding day is a day you can go all out with no one ever questioning why you are doing so. Because, let us face it – it is your and your partner’s day and you would celebrate it how and as you feel like it. Apart from living out the dream wedding, there are some couples who strive to add a very ‘wow factor’ to their wedding festivities, and this is captured by creating a unique theme for the wedding to revolve under.

Wedding themes
Wedding themes

If you are looking for inspiration or just are curious of what are the unique themes that couples have used, then scroll down and keep reading – you are surely going to be amused and inspired! 

Royal Rajasthani Theme

Big fat Indian weddings are a cliché or that is something that is known around the world. One of the ways, a couple had celebrated their wedding was by incorporating and adopting the Royal Rajasthani culture. It is a unique and expressive theme that explore royalty but with lots of colour. A wedding with a theme as unique and interesting like this is explored through colourful folk décor (clay pots, wind chimes, bandhani), they also have interesting royal art pieces on display. Additionally, what is a royal Rajasthani affair without the traditional Rajasthani folk dance, to serenade and entertain the guests. The ambience, the music, the décor should all scream Rajasthani Royalty.

Travel Based Theme

A travel themed wedding, while sounds quite vast is actually quite fun and inclusive so many ideas. Trotting around the globe but through the lens of a wedding is an interesting and exciting experience. Here, even the seven wonders of the world can be explored, having those wonders created and incorporated through designs, photobooths or even the aesthetic. Having elements of travel like, a globe, a set of luggage, props of planes, having the environment feel like your guests are being onboarded on a flight. The list of this experience is endless and for sure will garner a lot of eyeballs and compliments!

Mirror Inspired Theme

This is something extremely unique and not really heard of too. Embodying the shimmery, glittery and sparkling effect to a wedding, is none other than a mirror! Imagine a mandap that is built of mirrors, that reflect every moment you make while taking your pheras and forever promises to each other. Apart from the mandap setting, mirror installations or wall or ceiling hangings with floral arrangements will give your wedding the oomph and top-notch praises, those compliments will truly reflect all the effort and ideas that went into making the wedding a spectacular event.

Circus Theme

A little inspiration from the childhood excursion days, and also a tad bit from Alice in Wonderland; you mix them both and you get a unique and enthralling wedding theme. This wedding theme creates a whimsical effect and experience, indulging the guests in to a strange world, with pop of colours, circus elements, animal props, mad hatter centre pieces and so much more! Every corner of the venue can be explore into the different circus zones or could send them further into the rabbit hole of experiencing a hatke and crazy wedding. This unique theme will definitely be spoken of for years.

Elephant Theme

Elephants are said to bring good luck, and what better way to incorporate a lot of good luck and happiness than in the next chapter of the life, a wedding! Couples who have incorporated this unique but good luck charm into their wedding as a theme has incorporated this beautiful animal through prints on the designs, on the ceiling hangings, through table ornaments and so much more. You can either do over-the-top exploration with this element or have subtle nods to it, either way you will be bringing in a lot of good luck in your wedding through this unique yet amazing wedding theme.

Nature Inspired Theme

Nature lovers will absolutely adore this form of a wedding theme, incorporating everything nature to the extreme levels. From the tables (having a bark inspired table), to having every inch of décor being leaves and flowers, to streams of water and overall having a lush green atmosphere. Having a green thumb is also considered luck and is supposed to bring good vibes, so why not infuse your entire wedding with positive and good vibes with this unique and exciting theme.

God Theme

A wedding is a celebration to establish your union, it is done before the eyes of God and family/ friends. A couple centred their wedding around the theme of God, because that was exactly how it was done decades ago. Through this theme, the celebration would be such that everything in terms of décor and seating would date back to the olden times with lots of gold décor. The bride and groom would be dressed in attires that were similar to that of God’s as seen through paintings and images. This unique theme went viral and definitely got a lot of conversations going. 

A unique theme is something a lot of couples are interested in exploring. They want their wedding to be different but also the talk of the town. If you are aware of any other interesting and unique wedding themes, let us know in the comments!

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