A Gift Registry Designed for Every Kind of Couple in 2020

2020 has been a roller-coaster ride till now. Coronavirus has become a pandemic now and leading to many people postponing their wedding date or going ahead with a small celebration among close family and friends. No matter what category you fall in, it’s all the more time and reason to create a gift registry for your wedding. The wedding registry is becoming a must-have in millennial weddings due to its practicality and usefulness. 

So, if you’re wondering what you can add to your gift registry, here are a few recommendations for every kind of couple in 2020!

A Gift Registry for Every Couple
A Gift Registry for Every Couple

#1. The Entertainers

They’re the sort of couple who love having people around and love throwing a dinner party or hosting games in their home. So if you’re the host to many parties and find your friends and family inevitably hanging out in your home, you definitely need things to entertain. Here are a few things you can add to your gift registry if you don’t have them already; cocktail shaker, wine glasses, wine stopper, ice bucket, bar cart, beer mugs, cooler etc. Want a more elaborate list of things? Visit this page!

#2. The Home Chef

Cooking is an art and not many can master it. Even though you’re brand new to cooking, if you love it and can understand it, you’re bound to excel in it. There’s also another category of people who bake well but are not great cooks. So no matter what category you belong to, you definitely need these items in your kitchen and your wedding registry. So, if you don’t already have them you can add KitchenAid stand mixer (One of the most coveted items by bakers worldwide), knife set, all-purpose steamer, juicers & mixer grinders, KitchenAid kitchen toolset, blenders and processors, baking trays and there are infinitely more items you need for your kitchen. To know more, visit this page. 

#3. Setting Up a New Home

Since a wedding symbolises new beginnings, there are many couples who prefer to move into a new home after their wedding. `There are people who specifically save up for a new home, way before their wedding. So, if you’re setting up a new home from scratch or have your basic essentials covered, there are a few things that you cannot just miss out on. So, these are a few must-haves in your gift registry if you don’t already have them – Mattress, Refrigerator, Rug, Dining Table Set, Bed, Oven, Microwave, Washing machine, Food Processor, Sofa set, soft furnishings etc. To know more, visit this page!

#4. The Travel Duo

Many millennials are known to have the travel bug. It’s a known fact that millennials are the generation that spends most of their money on travel. Travelling to different places and witnessing new places is definitely not a waste of money. If you love travelling chances are you might own things that make your travel more smooth and comfortable. Nevertheless, here are a few things you can add to your gift registry – passport holder, trolley, travel kit, headphones, personalised luggage tags, customised travel packages to your dream destination, travel vouchers, luggage and trolleys etc. For a more comprehensive list, visit this page. 

#5. Moving in with Family

While nuclear families are on the rise and this may not be a norm now, there are still couples moving in with the family. So, if you’re one of them, kudos to you! In this situation, it’s a given that most of your needs are covered. So you have the luxury of adding whatever you want. Here are a few recommendations – personal and beauty products, massage vouchers, spa vouchers, bed linens, coasters, travel vouchers etc. To know more, click here. 

#6. The NRIs

Many Indians today are moving abroad due to various reasons. So, if you’re one of the fancy NRI couples, you have to be really mindful about what you add to your gift registry as there are only a few things you can carry from here. The best thing you can do in this situation is add things you can and will definitely carry from here and add things from your local stores to your gift registry. So, here are a few recommendations – cash, charity, traditional and speciality Indian cookware, luggage, travel vouchers and gift cards, jewellery etc. To know more, visit here. 

#7. The Fun Duo

If you’re not opposed to having some fun, a new adventure and laughing at yourselves, you definitely are #couplegoals for everyone around you. You have weekly game nights and are not opposed to being adventurous and spontaneous. After all, that’s what keeps you happy. So, here are a few ideas for your gift registry that are as perfect as you are for each other. Board Games like Monopoly, scrabble Bananagrams, card games like deal, cards against humanity and quirky items like this mixtape doormat, this owl bottle opener, these artsy coasters and so on. Here’s a more elaborate list that has some really cool items.

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