12 Zodiac Signs: Personality Traits and Gifts Registry Ideas

If you’re here, you’re either looking for ideas to gift a beautiful couple a very thoughtful present or you’re working on your own registry. In which case, congratulations because this process is GOING TO BE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN. Once you have finally decided to execute your wedding wishlist onto a gift registry, you are most likely to run out of things to incorporate in it. (Well at some point at least) Adding items onto this list doesn’t necessarily have to be things that you genuinely need or absolutely adore.

Crank it up a notch by adding valuables that utterly resonate with your zodiac sign, AKA your personality to your gift registry!

Gift Registry Designed according to Zodiac Sign
Gift Registry


Capricorns are exceedingly ambitious people. If you’re a Capricorn you might want to include things on to your registry that would indirectly be adding to the success of your inner Capricorn. Personalised planners and desk decors are your calling and they ought to have a special place on this list. If you’re a fitness freak (and you probably are) work out gear or a boutique gym membership is a must-add. Anything that you practice on the daily, (you know you’re very particular about this) should be on that gift registry as well.



If you belong to the “water-bearer” troop, chances are that you’re a dreamer. Artistic and independent and exceedingly adventurous are THE words that aptly describe you. Even you’re a non-believer in zodiac signs, you know you love your “me time”. Add calming bath salts, a Bluetooth speaker, polaroid cameras or anything to release those bottled up emotions (that most Aquarius tend to keep) right from quirky diaries to a vacation to a beach destination that is most definitely your thing is a must!



Pisces often tend to be attracted to the ocean. If you’re a Pisces, you’re a water baby. But you’re more than just that. Pisces love all things creative and boho. If you didn’t already know, they are deeply creative people who also love to express themselves through music, literature, drama, and art. So what better than to unleash your inner creative soul on this splendid occasion and shamelessly fill up your wedding registry with everything that drives you. A canvas with watercolours, the electric guitar you’ve been eyeing, boho-styled room decors- all on the list, please. 



Adventurous and energetic, Aries are always the first to initiate things. If even one of you belong to this powerful zodiac sign, it’s time to add a wedding gift to your registry that resonates with an existing passion. After all, you do take your hobbies very seriously. Whether it’s baking, wine-tasting or sailing, stack up that registry with essentials for your hobby. 



Taurus (especially women) LOVE to pamper themselves. Whether it’s me-time at the spa or baking inhouse with the family, they are all about things indoors. It’s your wedding registry and you deserve some pampering from the rest of the world too. Indulgence is your calling and you deserve those luxury chocolates, spa-holiday vouchers, indoor plants, a cookie baking kit and anything that remotely makes you feel YOU.



Gemini love trying new things. Chances are if you’re a Gemini, you have taken FOMO way too seriously and tend to juggle between things more often than not. Being a typical “Social Butterfly”, your wedding registry too, is likely to be very versatile and have a range of items that are totally unrelated. Don’t forget to add to this list a bunch of short trips, musicals, concerts and similar events that compliment the explorer in you.



If you belong to the Cancer Troop, you are likely to be sensitive in nature. Being in touch with your emotional side, you (most probably) love receiving personalised gifts. (Don’t you go denying this!). Homemade goods, DIY items, personalised desk decoratives, you love it all so why not make your loved ones a part of this material romance? 



The king of the jungle (in this case of zodiac signs) you are likely to be generous, warm-hearted and humorous. But in many cases for you, it’s ‘my way or the highway’. The stubbornness could sometimes get the best of you, but of course, your folks understand that. Don’t shy away from your fine taste in jewellery, wine and classic music- let these show in your wedding gift registry. After all, you are the only sign led by a star and not a planet. 



Born right after a Leo, Virgos are the complete opposite. Grounded, practical and classy, there is probably nothing on your gift registry that doesn’t have any significant use. Do your thing and add those makeup/jewellery organisers, succulent plants, eco-friendly microwavable bowl set, or anything you see a huge use in that makes your day-to-day life much easier. 



Hardcore romantics and probably drawn to the aesthetic of your surroundings and would settle for nothing less than perfect looking things, right? From wallpapers and room decor, lighting and wall hangings, anything that drives your aesthetic self has got to make it on your gift registry.



Born during the holiday season, this bunch is not exactly the sensitive type. Although, Scorpios are said to be very intuitive and sensual beings. You might fancy scented candles, bold-accessories, paintings that have depth to them or fancy gadgets. Either way, you’re all about the 007 vibes and leather sure does look good on you. Add to cart? Yes, please. (Well, in this case, add to the gift registry of course) 



Sagittarius – AKA the life of the party. You know a Sagittarius when you see one. They are often the ones sending out positive friendly vibes at a gathering and are very easy to talk to. If you belong to this bunch, chances are you would be perfectly happy with any present that comes your way, but when you’ve opted for a gift registry, you must make the most of it! Being a social butterfly you fancy all things outdoorsy. So go ahead and add those part essentials, shakers, tickets to a hiking spot or a simple smooth single malt.


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