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You’ve signed up for your own Wedding Wishlist. Now, all that’s left is for you to choose the wedding gifts themselves. Plenty of brides and grooms try to take the finances of their friends and families into consideration while making their Wishlists. Though that’s a sweet gesture, it defeats the purpose of having a Wishlist entirely! The whole point is to ask for what you need rather than what you think people would like to give you. Do you want mounds of unusable silverware and plaques? Didn’t think so!  We wouldn’t either. 

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

However, we also understand your concerns. Hosting (and attending) weddings is a lavish business, and wedding season usually has plenty of people clutching their wallets in despair. That’s why we’ve introduced the group gifting concept on Wedding Wishlist.

What Is Group Gifting?

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Group Gift

To put it in simple terms, group gifting allows your guests to ‘chip in’ for your present. This is especially useful if you have big ticket items on your wishlist. There’s no limit to how much they can contribute – every penny counts after all. There are two ways your guests can go about setting up a group gift:

Calling All Friends:

 group gifting

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Once your guests have checked out your wishlist and chosen which one they would like to give you, they can make a contribution and then invite others to chip in as well. This way, a group of friends can contribute to the same gift. However, a guest can also pay his or her bit and then leave the rest of the amount open to contributions from others who visit the wishlist.

Take The Initiative:

Online Weddings Gifts

If you don’t have a wishlist yet, don’t worry, your friends and family can still take advantage of our services. All they need to do is visit Wedding Wishlist and choose a present that they would like to group gift. Once they’ve made their selection, they can contribute towards it and share the link with their friends. Once the gift has been paid for, we’ll ensure that it reaches you. Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Bonus Points

Thank You Card

Thank You Card

It’s never too early to say Thank You (or too late). If you’re a Wedding Wishlist customer, we can do it for you. Print or online – we’ve got you covered. We will compile a list of everyone who purchased something from your wishlist and ensure they get your missives. You can also add names to the list (to ensure no one is left out).

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