5 Style Tips for Newlyweds to Rock the Holi Look

The months of March and April mark that time of the year where every person starts getting ready for Holi. It is a festival of joy celebrated throughout India while it also marks the change in seasons. It is a great way to celebrate friendships, relations, and bonds while having a lot of fun. 
If you are an Indian, you already know what these days have in store for you, and if you are traveling to India, you should be prepared for a world full of vibrant colors. 

One of the exciting things about Holi is that despite being an Indian festival, it is celebrated in different parts of the world for various reasons. Holi is a wonderful experience that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. Talking about what to do and what not to do is a common part of the festival, so why not dive into what will be the ideal look for this festival!


So, here are some pointers to rock your Holi lookbook for newlyweds

#1. Fabric

While choosing a couple’s outfit, it is essential to understand that the fabric of the outfit is as important as the style. As you are going to be soaking wet and will sweat a lot, it is important to wear comfortable fabric that does not hurt your skin.

Cotton is the go-to fabric for every Holi need as it is light and breathable. You will dry faster, and it won’t stick to your skin uncomfortably. Also, the fabric will keep you light and breezy so you can enjoy it freely without worrying about the dress clinging to you awkwardly. A couple in a combination of white kurta and jeans will look super cool as it is a fun outfit for the occasion. 

You should definitely avoid see-through clothes as it is not the right choice for this festival for obvious reasons. Also, avoid dark colors as they will absorb heat and will make you feel hotter in the sun. The most important thing is not to wear new and expensive clothes as chances are they will get ruined, and you will not be able to wear them again.

#2. Style

– Traditional 

As Holi is an Indian festival, it is best celebrated in Indian attire. Matching ethnic wear with your significant other will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Wearing a traditional salwar suit for the girl and a kurta pajama for the guy will surely rock the style of attire. A simple Indian dress with minimal accessories such as a watch and sunglasses will complete your look for Holi 2021. 


– Western

If you are bored of wearing the same old ethnic outfit every year, you can spice it up with some western styles. But while choosing any dress, make sure it is comfortable to wear and is not see-through. You can never go wrong with denim jeans and a plain top for both men and women. This combination is highly comfortable and will not cause you any embarrassing moments. 


#3. Colour

Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing your matching outfit for this Holi is color. While it is preferable to wear simple white to let the colors take their own texture and design, you can also go for matching colors. 

If white is not the color for you, you can try and wear light colors as it will make you feel breezy throughout the day and will dry up faster. 

#4. Footwear

It can be tricky to choose footwear for Holi as you will have to stand and move around throughout the day. If your footwear isn’t comfortable, you will quickly get tired and will not enjoy the fullest. Also, you have to keep in mind that your shoes and socks will get wet and will be highly uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. 

So, considering all the factors, the best option for you is to wear flip-flops that are comfortable and sturdy if wet. Both you and your significant other can rock matching flip flops with denim jeans and a light color t-shirt. If you want to go a little ethnic, you can go for Kolhapuri chappals and sandals for men. 

Avoid anything that is too uncomfortable to walk and have chances of breaking during the day. 


#5. Accessories

Accessories are a great way to spice up any outfit and make it look more exciting and stylish. So it is essential to wear accessories during Holi. The trick is to wear simple accessories that do not make you uncomfortable and are less likely to break and fall off. Like in the case of women, they can wear simple earrings that go with their dress or a small pendant to give the Kurti a twist. 

Men can wear sunglasses and watches to rock their denim look. Choose a decent and straightforward accessory that does not steal the attention away from your outfit. Also, it should not be delicate that you spend the whole day worrying about not losing them. 

Also, as the ongoing pandemic, it is important to keep yourself protected at all times and wear masks. If you are going outside and celebrating, wear a mask to protect yourself and others. However, you can also stylize your masks and purchase stylish cotton masks that go with your outfit. For example, wearing a plain white mask with a white kurta will complete your Holi 2021 look

Concluding thoughts

Holi is a festival of celebrities and represents the life cycle of seasons. It has an essential significance in Hindu mythology and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in several parts of India. Make sure you protect your skin and hair while playing Holi, as the colors can contain chemicals that can hurt your skin. Use oil and creams to add a protection layer over your skin. Celebrate this Holi, and remember to click a lot of pictures of your stylish outfit with your significant other.

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