How to Make Your Milestone Birthday Registry Perfect

We have all heard of a wedding registry, but a milestone birthday registry is not entirely new but should definitely be a ‘trend’ that we all hop on board with. While a wedding registry is something that people have gotten used to, we would like to turn attention to creating a registry for milestone birthdays. It’s equally special and deserves to be celebrated on a grand level, and grand does not mean that you spend tons but celebrate it with a greater than life approach.

What is considered as a milestone birthday? There are surely, milestone ages that everyone knows of and surely celebrate. It could be for birthdays like, 1st birthday, sweet 16, entering the 20’s, the big 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on… Truthfully said, celebrating any birthday is a milestone because you or the person you are celebrating has completed another year around the sun and there are so many things to be grateful about and they should be celebrated. A birthday registry acts similarly like a wedding gift registry; it takes off the stress from the guest or person in buying a gift and them having to think about if you will appreciate and use them? Creating a birthday registry, eases them and gives them the specific gifts or experiences that they can purchase (of course within their budget). Milestone birthday registry, is a wish list; even for a first birthday celebration – parents can create a registry with toys, books, games, etc that their child can celebrate, use and grow with. Now, you may wonder is this really real? The answer is yes, and why not? It is time to grow past the hesitation of what will people think, since this is a fairly new concept and think of how easy it is going to make everyone and yourself feel.


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First Birthday

this is a birthday, that the child will not remember, but it truly is milestone for the child and the parents and it really needs to be celebrated. It is a joyous occasion and celebration. But what do you get a 1-year-old child? Don’t worry we have you covered with a few recommendations

  1. Activity Toys: the child is growing, which means they are bound to be more enthusiastic and curious to learn. Add activity toys and games to the birthday registry, it will reap rewards. 
  2. Books: storytelling will be a big part of the child’s life, so it is best to keep them in the best of the company (the classic storybooks & fact books). Adding this to the registry, also keeps you ready for the future because even when the child grows, they will continue to read those books. 
  3. Video Message: This is a keepsake that will be enjoyed years later, you can add a camcorder to your birthday registry and have all your family and friends record a sweet message from the first birthday, this can be a time capsule which can later be watched when the child is much older. It will be a cherished gift.

Sweet 16

ah, this birthday is as sweet as it sounds. A milestone where a lot of people go all out to celebrate. Even if you do or do not celebrate it on an extravagant level, the birthday gift registry can still be perfect and on point.

  1. Gift Card: while this age is sweet, teenagers can be a little tricky to shop for. The best way to get them happy and love your gift, is to give them gift cards from stores that the adore. That way, they love you and are also extremely happy with the item they get because it is their choice. A definite win-win gift. 
  2. Car Accessories: turning 16 is indeed joyful, especially since most kids venture out to get their driver’s license. Now, gifting a car is a bit too far, what you can do is gift them a bunch of car accessories. This gets them all the more excited and prepared to have their own car one day, and they will really appreciate you doing this for them. It is a guaranteed winner and perfect on the birthday registry.

20th Birthday

wow, this means that your friend or child is entering their adulthood, and are in their 20’s. A big number indeed, so the birthday gift registry has to be on point. It is on their 21st birthday, that they are legally eligible to drink alcohol – that is a rite of passage for many. Here are some suggestions on gifts that can be added to the registry

  1. Vacation Funds: travel is on their mind, and keeping up with that on the birthday registry you could either setup a funds folder where guests could pitch in any amount that fits their budget; to fund a vacation for the 20-year-old. If this seems a little extreme, then you could also add a gift card option here as well, so that your guests can purchase a gift card of a certain amount that helps the 20-year-old use and travel. 
  2. Alcohol tasting or experience: upon being 21 they are at a drinking age (depend on state rules), this means that they are curious to know what alcohol tastes like and what is something they could enjoy. On the birthday registry, you could setup a tasting experience or a tour of a vineyard. This way, the 20-year-old gets to experience something new and everyone would have been a little part of it.

30th, 40th, 50th and Many More Birthdays

these milestone ages, hit a spectrum of emotions. While this can be a sensitive or rather emotional topic for few, it should be celebrated. Here are some ideas that can be incorporated in the birthday registry:

  1. Concert Tickets: these age groups, people are often working and prioritizing other tasks in their life. Adding the ability to buy concert tickets of their favourite bands on the birthday registry, will be EPIC (especially in their eyes). They will take out time for that, and be truly grateful that you, their friend did something so special for them. 
  2. Website: a 50th birthday would mean, that you or your friend has lived for half a century, that is incredible. What better way to celebrate their life than creating a birthday website. Pen down a heartfelt note, with a memory lane filled with pictures and a birthday video with wishes from their loved ones. All of these ideas can be clubbed on the birthday registry, where friends can pitch in for the domain, the website, notes, designs and so much more. Trust me when I say that your friend will be eternally special and grateful to be celebrated. 

Milestone birthdays are huge, but it can be less stressful or hassle-free with a birthday registry. You would obviously want to gift your loved one a gift that they would appreciate and love, so why not get it on registry and get that exact same thing. It will be a jolly experience for all. We highly recommend this route, what do you think? 

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