The Good Bride

The Good Bride

So you’ve put a ring on it, and begun to dream about your happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are a few hurdles along the way – practicalities like wedding planning and execution. Fairytales didn’t have to deal with wedding vendors or mention entertaining more than a 1000 guests. Practicality has to sneak its way back in. That’s where the Good Bride comes in. We’re proud to introduce our first ever instalment of the Good bride, a forum for potential brides-to-be to interact with some of the city’s finest wedding professionals.

Here’s who you’re going to see (and hear from) when you visit:

  1. Vidya Singh:


A known fitness enthusiast and writer, Vidya’s face is a familiar one – you’ve probably seen it on a magazine cover in Chennai. She’s also who you should call for wedding advice. Her wedding planning company, Sumyog, has been dominating the bridal planning scene since its conception 8 years ago.

  1. Amar Ramesh:


A breakthrough candid photographer, Amar was one of the first to kickstart the wedding photography revolution in Chennai. Since then, his business has expanded by leaps and bounds, making him one of the most sought-after photographers around.

  1. Urmila Devi Prakash:


Weddings are a family affair, so it’s not surprising that one of the city’s top bridal stylists is the sister of a wedding planner. Urmila has designed for and styled many brides, and specialises in lending a personal touch to any ensemble.

  1. Jhaatin Krishen:


This startup virtuoso started his first business venture at age 15. Today, with three successful companies to his credit, he’s uniquely qualified to answer queries about the Indian bridal scene. He is the driving force behind both Lotus Wedding Cards (boutique and unique wedding invites) and Lotus Wedding Planners.

  1. Kanika Subbaiah:


After listening to dozens of disgruntled stories about useless wedding presents, Kanika knew she had an idea that would revolutionise the way we gift at big fat desi weddings. Thus the idea for Wedding Wishlist was born, an easy-to-use online wedding registry which focuses on responsible gifting.

Visit us at the Good Bride this Saturday for a chance to hear each of them speak about their chosen professions. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with them and tackle your personal wedding woes.

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