These Weddings of Indian LGBT Couples Is #lifegoals

Let’s say it with pride. We love love, in all its forms. And as we’ve spent the last month being treated to beautiful stories of Indian LGBT couples who chose to stand proud and claim their love, we can’t help but pay our own ode to them.

Indian LGBT Couples
Indian LGBT Couples

So here it is— Indian LGBT couples who broke barriers, did it in style and gave us all sorts of #lifegoals in the process.

#1. Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraja are a Desi couple from New Jersey, U.S.  Their pictures went viral shortly after their wedding and we absolutely loved everything about them. The couple met 3 years ago at a friend’s birthday party. Even though they had different personalities, they had similar interests and hit it off instantly. They came out to their parents about 2 years ago and said that their parents were immensely supportive. They got married on July 19, 2019 and had a traditional Indian wedding with Mehendi, Sangeet, exchange of garlands and also pheras. From the dream-like decor to an enviable wardrobe designed by Anita Dongre, everything about the wedding was just simply stunning! 

#LifeGoal1: When you celebrate your big day, do it looking like a million bucks! 

#2. Vaibhav Jain and Parag V. Mehta

This Jain wedding was the one that broke a lot of taboos and conventions. The wedding was steeped in Indian traditions with a mehendi, sangeet and giving away of the grooms by their respective grooms. While Vaibhav grew up in India and moved to the U.S. in 2011. Parag grew up in a small town in Texas. While Vaibhav struggled with coming out in India, Parag had his own struggles in the U.S. Eventually the couple overcame everything and had a big fat Indian wedding with their friends and family. This Indian LGBT couple managed to break conventions and at the same time have a ceremony deeply rooted in Indian traditions. 

#LifeGoal2: You can respect customs and traditions while still embracing who you are. The two don’t have to be at odds with each other. 

#3. Dipan Chakraborty and Tista Das

Dipan Chakraborty, a transgender man, and Tista Das a transgender woman got married in a traditional Bengali wedding recently in Calcutta. While Tista Das has been a woman for around 15 years and also has acted in various Bengali movies, Dipan came out to his family fairly recently. They met when Tista was working at a Transgender clinic where Dipan was a client. Dipan’s transformation is very recent and the wedding was attended by Tista’s family and their friends who were very supportive and blessed the couple with a long and a happy married life!

#Lifegoal3: No matter how tough the journey, if you’re ready to fight for your dreams, you’ll have your happily ever after 

Indian Gay Couple - Dipan Chakraborty and Tista Das
Dipan Chakraborty and Tista Das
Indian LGBT Couple - Dipan Chakraborty and Tista Das
Tista Das

#4. Anjali Chakra and Sundas Malik

Well, they aren’t married, but their recent pictures that went viral are just gorgeous and we couldn’t help featuring the couple! They recently had a photo shoot to commemorate their one year of togetherness and boy-oh-boy, did the internet love them! When India-Pakistan is best known for their rivalry this Indian-Pakistani couple showed the world that love always wins! Anjali initially struggled with coming out when she met Sundas. In Anjali’s own words, fast forward a year and Sundas met Anjali’s whole family as her partner and the couple is looking forward to making more memories and their happily ever after!

#LifeGoal4: Some conflicts should be left to a cricket pitch!

By looking at the above images of Indian LGBT couples, we’re sure all of us agree that love is love. With the historic decision of scraping Section 377, we wish that LGBTQ+ marriages are legally recognised in India and the LGBTQ+ community in India as well as abroad feel free to get married in the place of their choice.

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Photo and video credits: Amit Shah, Aditya Madiraju, Parag Mehta, Vaibhav Jain, Brut India, AFP, Getty Images, Dibyanshu Sarkar, Sundas Malik and Anjali Chakra

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