Mental Health Care Tips for New Parents During Lockdown

Hands down, parenting is the most difficult yet rewarding job. No matter how ready you may be, many challenges will come flying at you. It takes a huge amount of patience and effort. But above all having a great support system is extremely necessary. Your pillar of support can be your partner, family or friends. In Covid times, new parents have it hard. Juggling their old life with their new life is exhausting and on top of it, social limitation makes it harder for them. Staying at home with work and the new baby is a situation they never expected nor are they ready for. Anxiety levels soared high during the pandemic among new parents as per experts. 

New parents
New parents

So, we are here to give new parents few tips to manage:

#1. Connect 

During hard times, one tends to go to their family or friends for support and this is exactly what you should be doing now. They will not only give you support and strength but will also advise you to tackle the challenges. New parents in lockdown may feel helpless in many situations so reach out to your close ones to talk it out. It is necessary to share and vent when you are overwhelmed. Get on a video call and connect.

#2. Baby steps

You both are new parents and it is totally okay to not know many things about the baby. First thing is not to panic, it is easier said than done but cut yourself some slack. Don’t have unrealistic expectations from yourself and your partner. Parenting is a journey and it will take time to fully understand it. Don’t entertain any unsolicited negative advice from anyone. This will just add fuel to the fire. Take deep breaths and have faith. Remember this shall pass.

#3. Take a break

Parenting is a 24/7 job and we know it is hard to take a breather. But believe it or not, you need to absolutely take a break in between. It may be hard but you have to do something for yourself. Instead of over exerting yourself and pushing yourself to an edge, it is better to prioritize yourself and take a break. It doesn’t need to be a fancy or grand gesture. Simple 10 minutes of walking or a peaceful bath, having tea or reading your favorite book are some examples of things you can do. 

#4. Telecommunication

One of the biggest reasons for anxiety in new parents is the lack of knowledge to take care of a baby. Babies are sensitive and need a lot of attention. From apparels, food to even gears. Everything should be taken care of to the point of perfection. Due to the inability to communicate properly, babies throw tantrums and cry non-stop which can scare you. Get in touch with a paediatrician virtually and keep them in your contacts so you can consult them at times of need. Knowing that a professional is there to assist you can give you a big relief

#5. Seek help

Lockdown has been a major cause of depression in many people. Especially for new parents, living in a space with a newborn and having no to little parenting idea, it can be an extremely nerve racking experience. Depression is a real thing and should not be taken lightly. When you start seeing the symptoms in you or your partner, seek help. It is okay to go through therapy. Make a choice for yourself and you will not regret it.

So, here are some pointers for new parents. Even though it is hard, stay positive.  Take some time for yourself in between. Parenting is a beautiful journey so enjoy it to the maximum.

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