The Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for 2022

The pre-wedding times are usually all filled with fun and fervor. Right from the day of the engagement, up until the wedding, the to-be-weds take up the center of attention. While the groom’s friends may plan a bachelor party to help the groom enjoy his last moments of his single life together, throwing the to-be-bride an intimate shower can be a great way to make the bride feel special before her big day.

When one of your closest friends is getting married, you’ll want to plan the bridal shower in a way that it’s an event to remember. There’s a reason the pre-wedding season is filled with gift giving: the bride is going to start a new life, in a new home. But leave the wall clocks for the wedding. At the bridal shower, it’s all about the bride! You’ll want to give her a gift that celebrates her, and makes her feel special. In this blog, we’ll go through a list of fun bridal shower gift ideas that you can give in 2022. Let’s begin!

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Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

If you’re looking for classic bridal shower gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a supply of kitchen accessories! Think of all the things that the future wife will need when she moves into her new house, and we don’t mean things like a stove or vessels. Go for something more fancier, that she can use on special occasions. 

We’re talking things like beautiful ceramic ware items for get togethers at her new home. You can also think about gifting her pizza cutters for her date nights, or stainless steel knife sets so that she always has one in her reach. Coffee makers, waffle makers, or even microwave ovens also make great gifts. Since all of these are also readily available in stores, they make for great last minute bridal shower gifts too!

Tickets to a destination

So, do you remember that one place that the bride-to-be has always wanted to go, but could never manage to? Well, how about you make it happen! Book her flight tickets to and from the destination, and then hand them over to her. This is one of the most unique bridal shower gifts that you can get – a solo trip to her favorite destination

There is always an element of risk involved in this, in the sense that the bride needs to be able to make the trip on the days your tickets are booked for. Which is why to be on the safer side, you book her a weekend trip that she can take. You can also book additional tickets, and make this a trip with her friends or her bridesmaids as well. Gift her a perfect weekend out with the people she loves before her wedding. This idea for a bridal shower gift is bound to surprise her, so be sure that you have a camera handy to capture her reaction! You can be rest assured that you’ve had the best bridal shower gift idea of the lot!

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A Recipe Book

Does the bride-to-be love cooking or baking stuff? If so, this is one unique bridal shower gift that you can give her. Encourage her to try out recipes from different cuisines. Maybe she will be able to make that classic dish she’s always wanted to try, or a relatively new dish that everyone seems to love!

This bridal shower gift idea is great because you give her a lifetime supply of new recipes that she can try out. And like all great gifts, this would be something she enjoys, can use repeatedly, and most importantly, is a unique bridal shower gift idea that not many people would think to give her!

A voucher for an experience

This is another thoughtful gift that you can get the bride. Think about her interests. What does she like? Does she like to go to theme parks? Maybe she loves a spa day? What about any other fun activity that you’ve seen her talk about? Gift her a voucher for that!

This bridal shower gift idea is a fantastic option, because you can make sure it’s personalized to the person you’re buying the gift for. Since most stores and places readily offer vouchers, this can be a great last minute bridal shower gift like a bobbleheads too. And since you know what activities she likes, you can be sure that she’s not going to be disappointed! This is a great surprise idea for a bridal shower gift!

Pick one from her gift registry

Look, we get it. Picking a gift is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. You’ll want to get something that is useful, liked by the recipient, AND a little unique so that no one else would have gifted them the same thing. But this doesn’t have to be that hard.

Making a gift registry is a great way to ensure that money and efforts do not go in vain while gifting. Now, the bride can make a full list of all the things that she actually wants as gifts and will be useful for her. You, and other guests like you will be able to go through the list, and pick any of the items and have the gift delivered to her! You’ll also know which gifts from the list have already been bought, and which ones are yet to be gifted. If you’re looking for a last minute bridal shower gift , you don’t even have to spend much time racking your brains on the perfect one. ! You can just take a look at the list and choose!

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