A Virtual Wedding – The Revolutionary Wedding Trend of 2020!

It’s time to bid adieu to the big fat Indian wedding, as the novel coronavirus has relegated the iconic and large-scale celebration to the confines of our memory. The very idea of a 1000-people guest list, loved ones hugging and jamming on the dance floor or shopping for clothes without worrying about a matching mask seem impossible today – enter virtual wedding! Like everything else, weddings too are adapting, and in this post-pandemic world, the grandest celebration Indians know is now going virtual. 

Virtual Wedding
Virtual Wedding

What is a virtual wedding?

As the name suggests, it’s simply a way of getting married where your wedding is streamed online and guests can join the celebration virtually through video chatting platforms, live streaming and other digital experiences. And with technology evolving to keep up, this experience can now be extremely interactive for guests. Right from e-invites and a wedding website to pre-wedding functions on Zoom and ‘celebration’ gifts baskets delivered prior to the ceremony, virtually everything is possible! 

Why have a virtual wedding? 

There are so many reasons why this trend is all set to become the norm! Here are the top few: 

You can no longer invite all your loved ones—yes it’s the law! 

With a cap on a 50-people guestlist, it becomes impossible for the bride and groom to invite all their loved ones. The immediate family on both sides and essential vendors like the photographer or makeup artist makes up this number. So if you want all your friends, cousins and colleagues to be part of the big day, it’s got to be virtual. 

It’s unbelievably easy on the pocket

With a precarious economy, we’re all expecting tough times ahead. And spending your life’s savings on a single day may not be the wisest idea. An intimate ceremony combined with virtual celebrations allows you to have all your loved ones present without making a dent in your finances. So you can use all the saved-up money to set up a nest egg for your new life together.  

Health & safety are the most important things right now

Even if the law relaxes or you’re not worried about the wedding budget, from a pure health perspective, it is not ideal to have a large gathering of people, especially with elders and children around. A virtual wedding allows you to have everyone present, without a health risk!

How do virtual weddings work?

Wedding Wishlist makes it ridiculously easy for couples to plan the perfect virtual wedding, where each guest feels engaged and involved in the celebrations, albeit from their Zoom windows! Couples can invite their guests to participate in their wedding via a video chatting platform, hosted on their wedding website on Wedding Wishlist. Guests can log in to this website and see the live stream of different functions, chat with other guests they know through custom chat rooms, share images, video messages and more. Wedding Wishlist also sends small celebration hampers to guests before the big day so they get in the mood and participate. From invitations to Zoom parties to gift registry, the entire process is managed online by the team, ensuring the couple can celebrate with their loved ones from across the globe. 

Guest communication—the Holy Grail

When planning a virtual wedding, this is by far the most important aspect couples need to plan for. It’s hard enough to keep make sure your guests have a good time at a physical wedding. But to get them to feel really involved in a virtual wedding is much harder. Also, not all guests may be comfortable with the technology and so communicating all the details in a fun and informative way is key. Wedding Wishlist helps the couple plan the entire communication journey so guests are completely comfortable by the time the actual wedding happens. 

Are you ready to book your virtual wedding yet? Text/Call us on 87545-50002 or write to us at info@weddingwishlist.com. 

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