Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Invite Design for Your Day

Every celebration is beautiful but a wedding anniversary is a bit special. Celebrating the start of your new year with your soulmate is indeed precious. Thinking back on all the ups and downs that you both have survived together, makes the marriage stronger. If you are planning to celebrate this big day with your close ones, then a wedding anniversary invite is the best way to invite them. It is easy, simple, and beautiful.

wedding anniversary invite
wedding anniversary invite

So, let us introduce you to some pretty wedding anniversary invite designs:

#1. Oldie Goldie

If you both are a minimalistic couple then you will surely fancy this invite. This neutral tone wedding anniversary invite with a flower painted is not only pretty but very appealing to the eyes. Your guest will surely love this contemporary invite

#2. Till death do us apart

The floral design against the woody tone background is simply beautiful and the hanging lights just amplify the beauty. As the name suggests, you surely love each other and which invite will be more perfect than this?

#3. In Sickness and Health

If artistic is what describes you both then you have found the perfect wedding anniversary invite for your day. With pastel watercolors dancing to an imaginary tune, this invite invokes the feeling of calmness. Pretty sure, your guests will not stop looking at it!

#4. White Gold

If you are looking for some detailing in your invite then you have found what you are looking for. Simplicity and intricate detailing come together to create this pretty invite. With more focus on the picture, the design beautifully separates the content.

#5. Love you always

A rustic invite with more focus on the years of your beautiful marriage, this invite is surely elegant. It is the perfect invite for the couple who doesn’t want to put their pictures on the invite. A very simple yet efficient invite, this is what you are looking for!

With these wedding anniversary invites, we hope you find ‘the one’ invitation. After all, the perfect day should have everything perfect.

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