Guide to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Day Despite Covid

COVID-19 surely has ruined a lot of our 2020 plans, those that we dreamt of continues to be a dream, not for too long; but long enough. For some of you, 2020 was your wedding year. The year you say ‘I Do’, live with your partners and start your happily ever after. But again, COVID has put a dent in those plans, so you may have postponed it for a later date next year. We know with every day approaching, your ideal wedding date comes closer but instead of experiencing sadness or what-if thoughts, we have a fun and exciting piece or rather pieces of advice for you! This will turn that COVID frown upside down, and make your ‘not your wedding day’ close to perfect! 

You’re probably wondering, even with the COVID situation, the lockdown, and the quarantining your options are limited. Even having a small gathering at your place can be risky.


But we’re here to tell you a few plans that you can execute and have a brilliant ‘not your wedding day’. Trust us and continue to scroll, you won’t be sorry. 

#1. Wear Your Best

You don’t have to wear your wedding dress, or you could that’s totally up to you. But on your wedding, the ‘not your actual wedding date’ bring out the chicest and ultra-glam looks! They say to feel your best, you need to look your best which will stay true if you wear your best. Your mood and vibe of the day will change the minute you dress up and look fancy. Think of this day, equally important as your wedding day; so put your best foot forward and embrace it! 

#2. Don’t Stop The Music

This is a day that will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. And now that you’ve decided to dress up and make the most of it, why not throw a party! A virtual party is as fun as a normal party, and you get to do it being safe. A virtual wedding party is a new age partying so if you’re thinking about how this party has to be one for the books, don’t worry because it definitely will be. And to make it all the more incredible, add a DJ into the mix 😉 He will have the best of the jams and music that will make you and your guests jump on their feet and sway, no matter where they are. 

#3. Sing Your Heart Out  

It’s your wedding party, even if it’s not the original one and you get to do what you want! So, don’t shy away from karaoke and sing your heart out! It’s a fun activity that not many people think of, and it’s even more fun at virtual parties. If you’re looking to amp up the excitement for the day until your actual postponed day arrives this is it! Having groups of friends and family participating in this will make it fun, funny, and fantastic. Plus, it’ll be the talk of the town when friends discuss crazy wedding party stories, during the COVID year. 

#4. Your First Dance 

The first dance is always important and super special. If you and your partner manage to be together on the ‘wedding party’ day, then dancing to the tune of your first dance will mark the night perfectly. You won’t have the pressure of it being top-notch or won’t have eyes peeled at you because you could decide to share the moment with your guests over a video call or choose not to. But what you get is to have a sweet romantic moment with each other because even though your wedding has been postponed you have each other, and that moment is yours; forever. 

#5. Did Someone Say Cake?

Every celebratory function should have a cake, even a ‘not your real wedding party’. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and doesn’t have to be a cake could be a variation of it (brownies, cupcakes, etc.). Cutting a cake with your partner would make the day just as special as you wished for it. Bonus point, you’ll have a scrumptious dessert waiting for you too.

#6. Yay To A Home Buffet 

A wedding always has great food, and even if you don’t have a great meal planned for your ‘not real wedding party’, you can always order a variety of food, and even get some delivered to your guests of honor. This will definitely change your mood and make others happy too! 

#7. Cute-Funny-Picture Perfect

Since you’re celebrating your wedding at home with your fiance, you could get fun and cute photo shoot was done at home! You could use DIY props or set the lighting to how you want and get those funny and incredibly sweet pictures taken. And if you’re taking them virtually, you can pop-up those filters. Those photographs will be one of the best memories you will have with each other, and can also be printed up and kept at home as your ‘not real wedding party’ keepsake! 

#8. Love Vows 

In every wedding, a couple vows certain promises to their partners. While these vows might not be officiated you can still take this day and share your love for each other. It’ll be cute and filled with love because your wedding is all about expressing your feelings and support towards your life partner. And what’s a wedding or a ‘not real wedding party’ without a few happy tears, right? 

Given the current circumstance expressing that love through a wedding may be tricky but love will always win; and so will your actual wedding plan! While we wish for you to have and live the wedding of your dreams, we don’t want you to mope or sulk on the alleged date of your wedding. We hope that these ideas will spark all the love and romance between you and your partner and keep you excited about your actual wedding day! 

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