30 Fun Wedding Gift Ideas For Men

gift ideas for men

Wedding Gift Ideas for Men

Choosing wedding gifts for men can seem like a humongous task. Here’s our list of favorite picks of 30 fun and quirky wedding gifts for men to make it easier for you.

It helps to know a little bit about the groom to personalize the gift and make it a thoughtful gesture. Depending on the personality traits you could decide on the type of gift. Whether your friend is an art lover, a concert fan, or the one who never misses a film, an ardent traveller or a hardcore golfer, we’ve got it all covered.

So here you go, take your pick from our curated list of wedding gifts for men.

#1. Beer Dispenser

If he loves draft beer you can get this one to help him transform his beer life. Microfoam technology will be an instant hit with any beer lover!

#2. Smart Luggage

For the one who loves to travel there is nothing better than a sturdy and stylish luggage bag. But here’s the catch, make it special by getting him tech-savvy luggage with an inbuilt tracking system.

#3. Apple Airpods

If he is an Apple fan who swears by his iMac and iPhone, airpods will make for the best gift. But before you make the purchase make sure that he doesn’t already have it in the first place.

#4. Pocket projector

For lovers of film and everything video, a pocket projector is all about entertainment on the go. This is our personal favorite wedding gift for men. Whether geek or not, this pocket technology is likely to delight anyone and everyone.

#5. Custom Flask

For a man who loves his drink, this could possibly be the best gift ever. Customize it with initials of the groom and wedding date, and you are good to go.

#6. Cufflinks

You can never go wrong with a pair of cufflinks. Choose one that is timeless and classy and will complement a special occasion like his wedding.

#7. Amazon Echo

Get the man of the hour his very own personal assistant. A must-have for any technology lovers and for someone who wants full control to plan his life.

#8 Coffee Maker

Does he always want to meet up for coffee? Then the answer is simple, just get him a coffee machine for the perfect homebrew.

#9. Personalized Travel Kits

Think of all the post-wedding honeymoon traveling, you can get a personalized travel kit with Mr & Mrs passport covers, named luggage tags, and even eye masks.

#10. Mobile Printer

This wedding gift is for men who are obsessed with clicking selfies and pictures in general. Get him a speedy mobile printer for instant memory prints.

#11. Book Box Subscription

Perfect for a bookworm! You can gift him a book box membership wherein he will receive a box curated as per his genre preference.

#12. Camp Set

If he prefers wilderness over city life, you can think of gifting a tent for their next backpacking excursion as a couple. We believe this is the wedding gift for men who are always seeking adventure.

#13. Artwork

If the man at the altar is the artsy type. You can gift them a painting depending on his taste and house decor. In case you’re not able to make the choice, get him a gift card of an art gallery.

#14. Photo collage

If you have been friends with the couple for long, stalk their Facebook pages and get creative with a photo collage. We like it because it’s really personal and thoughtful.

#15. Polaroid Camera

How about some real film and an instant camera for the photo-enthusiastic groom? We promise it will cheer up not just the groom but the bride too!

#16. Grooming Kit

If the guy sports a beard or a moustache you can get a facial hair care kit for the perfect grooming of the groom.

#17. High-End Speakers

If the groom is a music lover you could buy him a good speaker. A wireless portable waterproof speaker would make for a great wedding gift for men. Let the music flow.

#18. Fitness Band

For the fitness freaks, you could invest in a good fitness band and help them get on track with their health. Gift one that not only counts your footsteps but also keeps a tab on the heart rate.

#19. Gift Card

Best wedding gift for men without a doubt! Give them a gift card of their favorite home decor store. The gift card is perhaps the best way of giving as it lets the receiver choose what he wants and when he wants. So gift them a choice!

#20. Concert Tickets

If the man in question is a huge fan of a particular music band, you could get them and their plus one couple tickets for the event of the season!

#21. Home Entertainment System

If he’s an introvert who loves to spend time at home. You could give a compact home entertainment system for the never-ending Netflix weekends.

#22. Scratch Map

One of the most oh-so-cool wedding gifts for men, a scratch map is for an aspirational traveler. And, what better time to start than one’s own wedding?

#23. Fun Games

You could gift him fun drinking games so that he is prepped up to host super game nights. Now, wouldn’t that be a fun wedding gift for men?

#24. Golf Box

For a golf lover, you can easily create a gift box that contains golf inspired cufflinks, a high-end polo neck t-shirt, golfer gloves, and even shoes.

#25. Telescope

If he is the romantic type and might enjoy stargazing with his loved one, gift him a telescope.

#26. Bubbly

Who doesn’t love a great bottle of bubbly? You could choose between fancy champagne, Prosecco or even sparkling wine.

#27. Watch

Look for a watch that is timeless and chic watch, a timepiece never goes out of style.

#28. Bar accessories

If he loves to have people over for drinks all the time. You can get an opulent bar accessories set.

#29. Sunglasses

Splurge on really good fashionable shades! But if he is a marathoner then sports sunglasses might be better suited for all the running in the sun.

#30. Spa Voucher

Finally, it might be forward thinking to gift him a couple spa voucher at a luxury spa to get over all the wedding chaos.

So that’s the list of the most fun and quirky wedding gifts for men. Let us know in the comments below what did you gift your best friend at his wedding. For more gifting ideas check out our website weddingwishlist.com

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