The Top Wedding Invite Trends for You- 2021 Edition!

If 2020 has made us realize one thing, it has pointed us towards the people, places, and things that matter the most. The year saw weddings in a completely different light. We had to bid farewell to big fat Indian weddings and welcome small, intimate gatherings to partake in the sacred festivities of getting hitched. Guest lists were made shorter than ever before, and wedding invite, more personal. And frankly, we saw couples and families being readily eased into this “new normal”. The realization that less is more has become the standard for many new beginnings, weddings included. 

Expect 2021 to be no different. With a cozy guestlist and more room for personalization, you can now have your wedding budget put to good use by paying attention to the things that matter; and the invitations for your wedding most certainly top this list. 

Wedding invite trends-2021
Wedding invite trends-2021

So, here is the wedding invite trends for 2021:

#1. The Minimalist Route

Not trying too hard is today’s definition of ‘keeping it classy’, and if you live by this principle, this design is exclusively for you. By taking the minimalistic route, you’re also setting the tone of your wedding day to be elegant and all things sophisticated. Pastel pinks and soft hues are your best bets. Alternatively, you can choose to use pops of color (to the bare minimum) in selected places of your wedding invite to add a pinch of vibrance to this elegance.

Some designs that do justice to a simple, sophisticated wedding invitation design include our oh-so-charming the Poised Peacock, Cherry Blossoms, Paisley Please.

#2. Take One For Team Planet

All for saving the planet? Good for you. There are two ways to incorporate sustainability in your wedding invitation. Go completely paperless with a well-edited wedding video invitation. This will leave more room for your creativity to blossom. Check out these fabulous video invitation templates for inspiration. Life’s a beach, for one, is impeccable for a beach wedding. Alternatively, Splash of color and Marigold Garden do wonders to convey the theme of an outdoorsy, day-time wedding in a garden setup.

Your second option to pursue the eco-friendly route, (if you absolutely must have a printed, tangible card) is to opt for cards made of recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. To magnify the implication of this initiative, you can opt for shades of green and go with the Auspicious Kolam or Sound of Music wedding invitation designs. 

#3. A Celestial Celebration

What better way to get your invitation design inspiration than from nature and all that it has to offer? A celestial theme with the moon and stars? Oh-so-mesmerising! What’s more? You could even feature your zodiac signs on the card for a personal touch. After all, nothing says romantic and dreamy like a night under the stars, which in this case, is exactly what your invite is going to scream. Animated invites do wonders to portray the right imagery of this theme. Starry Nights, Galaxy, Fairy Lights, and Galaxy are designs that will leave you enthralled!

While a deep blue sky sure does sound hypnotic, the beauty of nature can be showcased in plenty of other ways. (or should I say, waves?) Perfectly splendid for a wedding by the beach, your invitation card ought to be the first thing defining this picturesque theme of your wedding. Check out this masterpiece Life’s A Beach if you wish to choose the video invitation route. 

#4. All That Blossoms

Fun Fact: Couples take more time to pick their floral decorations than they do for their wedding outfits! If you’re big on flowers, what better way to flaunt this serene wedding theme than by incorporating it in your wedding invitation. Animated flowers? Yes please! Take a look at this stunning animated wedding invite, Floral Coupling to get some design inspiration. Alternatively, incorporating flowers wedding invitation videos is also something that is predicted to be in trend this coming year. Wildflowers and Beyond the Bougainvillea are here to give you all the (flowery) feels!

#5. Bespoke Artwork

Ever since ‘e-invites’ became a thing, couples around the world have turned to wedding invitations to showcase not only their wedding themes but also give their guests a teaser about their love saga. And why shouldn’t they? With more room for creativity through the language of illustrations, your wedding invitations can not just be designed to your preference but accurately drawn according to your personalization; reflecting each couple’s individuality. How far you wish to take this, is of course, up to you. For some, the idea of personalizing every single wedding element is exhausting; for others, unique everything is the dream. An elegant, yet simplistic way to personalize your wedding invitation is to commission a bespoke illustration or graphic – and this happens to be very “in” right now. The Pure Puppetry, Bohemian Flute, Raja Rani are wonderful designs to get your graphic inspiration from. 

None of these designs speak to you? No sweat, you can always choose to customize your wedding invite with us!

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