Wedding mark with calligraphic art of Monogram


So, here are few reasons why to go for a monogram:

#1. Personalisation

Your wedding is your day. Everything revolves around you both on your wedding day. From food, decor to even guests, everything has been personally selected by you. Monograms will just take personalisation to a level higher. With a couple’s initial place on invites, website, gifts,etc., everyone will know that it belongs to you. After all, your day should be a reflection of you in every way possible!

#2. Vast choices

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to monograms. There may be some etiquettes but it is okay to let go of it as long as you are happy! You have the power to decide your monogram style. With so many fonts available to use and unlimited elements to choose from, you can have a blast. You can match it with your wedding theme or your invite theme. You can also go for a minimalistic or regal look. You can just mix and match, and select whichever suits your taste.

#3. Unlimited usage

Monograms are not just used for your invites, it can be literally used on anything. If you are into digital, you can create a website and use your monogram there with all your details and share it with your guests. If you are giving out return gifts, you can use the monogram on the packets. Think of a monogram as your signature on the wedding day and use it freely!

#4. Light on pocket

With so many expenses on your wedding day, it is foolish to spend more. The best part of monogram is that it is super light on the pocket and is a one time investment. You can either purchase a monogram from a website or can have a custom made monogram according to your budget. It is a once in a lifetime day and it is okay to let the budget take a back seat for some time. It is your day so have it your way!

Your wedding is a one time affair and it should be perfect. Leave no stone unturned! Personalise your day with your wedding monogram and leave a forever mark. Trust us, you will not regret it!

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