Create a perfect wedding checklist with these 5 cool ideas!

Planning your wedding, like any other big event in your life, requires hard work, patience, and a lot of organising! There are a few basic steps you need to take – sit down and plot out your ideas for the big day. Make a list – in fact, make multiple lists. That’s where we come in. At Wedding Wishlist, we believe in the power of the wedding checklist.

Here are the different ways a wedding checklist can help you with planning your own wedding:

Wedding Checklist
Wedding Checklist

The Non-negotiable List:

There is a lot of compromise in wedding planning. Between you and your spouse, your families, and friends, there are a lot of ideas on the table and not much time to execute them. That’s why it’s important that you and your partner sit down and make a wedding checklist of non-negotiable points. If you’re keen on a certain type of ceremony or want to restrict the number of guests, now is the time to discuss it. This is also a good way for you to gauge each other’s ideas and to prioritise them. Make sure that the compromises you make are solid ones. Remember, you want to enjoy your wedding, not wince every time you see pictures of it.

The Checklist(s):

As we mentioned earlier, you need more than one list at your fingertips to stay organised. The more lists you make, the easier it is to work out the feasibility of your wedding plans. The wedding checklist is the most basic kind of to-do list but it’s also the most useful. Here’s a tip, make a list for each task. For example, make a list of wedding venues, then once you’ve narrowed down it down, make a list of things you need to do with regard to the venue before your big day. It’s called a checklist because you can literally tick the tasks off as you complete them. Easy!

The Timeline List:

Though having a collection of lists is important, it’s also important to keep them in order. Make a timeline list to help you. This is a list that lays out the timeline of your wedding and the order in which you need to complete each task. Though you have months till your big day, there are certain calls and decisions you need to make much in advance. A wedding checklist will help ensure you don’t miss out on any of them.

The Big Inventory List:

The list of all lists! Just when you thought you were done – we have another one for you. An inventory list is essential because it helps you remember all the lists you’ve made. Sounds confusing? Let us break it down for you. If you’ve made three lists about your bridal trousseau then you need to enter them all on your inventory list. It will remind you that you have three wedding checklists you need to consider, and will ensure you take all your options into consideration.

The Wedding Wishlist:

Wedding gifts pave the way for your married life, which is why it’s important to give your guests options to choose from. No one wants to give you something you’ll never use or hate. Not only will it have a lasting impact on your journey together as a married couple, but each gift will be personal and suited to you. If you’re moving into a new home or just need a few things to smoothen the transition into married life, this is your chance to ask for help. After all, a wedding registry is a list that essentially contains all the presents that you want and need.

It’s straightforward, pragmatic, and effortless – and the payoff is excellent! You get the perfect gifts, and your friends and family have the satisfaction of knowing their presents are appreciated. It’s a win-win situation and the perfect wedding checklist. Visit Wedding Wishlist for more wedding ideas!

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