4 Ways to make wedding receptions fun for you & your guests!

Ever been to wedding receptions that made you think “Damn! This looks fun, maybe getting married isn’t such a bad idea”? Guessing not. After interviewing several couples, one would come to realise that in a typical Big Fat Indian Wedding, the wedding reception is by far THE most dreaded ceremony of all. Yup, that’s right. Not walking around a fire in circles, not immersing your body in haldi. Literally, nothing can beat the long, exhaustive hours of standing on stage, striking the exact same pose time and again that even the camera guy has your smile rehearsed because let’s face it, after a point it is pretty much all a hoax.

Needless to say, this is ideally where you get a chance to thank everyone from your circle for being a part of your special day(s). But why does this have to be so hard? Why do you have to drain yourself out completely pretending to be thrilled with presents that you know are going to be circulated (probably to another newlywed) anyways? Newsflash! You really don’t, because wait for it..drumroll..are you ready..wedding receptions DON’T necessarily have to be a drag for the couple.

Wedding Receptions
Wedding Receptions

So, here are some kickass wedding reception ideas that are unlike the conventional

#1. The best wedding receptions ditch the stage

Many couples today opt for wedding receptions that favour their own comfort. Between popping the big question and the wedding reception day you are already bombarded with a gazillion tasks and deserve a breather. Wedding receptions are meant to give thanks, accept presents and celebrate an evening that consumes you with the emotion of finally being married! One way to escape the trouble of having to stand on stage in an 8-kilo two-piece ghagra is to have all your guests seated at round tables, have an open bar with live music to lighten up the atmosphere and ditch the stage. You heard it, ditch the stage set up altogether!

Break the cliché of the bride and groom standing in one spot, awkwardly smiling, probably starving and most definitely complaining to one another. Participate in your own wedding. Get around instead, grab a drink, give the audience a tango or jive to get them hooting and have some fun, you deserve it!

#2. Turn up the mic receptions

Another fun way to be a part of the audience at your wedding reception is not to completely ditch the stage, but get some performances rolling. Unlike a typical Indian sangeet, where you would expect family members to come up and compete against each other, this could be a rather professional act. You could have a local band step in and play your rainy-day playlist on repeat. In addition, you could hire Badshah to come and perform at your wedding, depends on your budget, really. The point is that you ought to enjoy your wedding reception and so do your guests. And as far as wedding gifts are concerned, have you ever heard of a wedding gift registry? If yes, Kudos to you! If not, please stop living under a rock and until then, prepare to be enlightened!

A wedding gift registry, also popularly known as a bridal registry is a service provided by online or sometimes even offline platforms to engaged couples that aid them in effectively communicating their gift preferences to their guests. Okay, how very dictionary. Basically, you know how people envision wedding presents to be glorious and end up with a toaster and teacups instead? Can you really blame your guests though? How would they ever guess that all you wanted was a foosball table and not a Buddha idle with a mini fountain around it? Enter Wedding Registry! They let you compile a Wishlist of all the presents you would actually be pleased to receive and convey the same to your guests. (Santa alert!) Bottom line, wedding receptions don’t have to be a hassle if you don’t want them to.

#3. Who said wedding receptions can’t have an element of surprise

Think of how many times you’ve been to a wedding reception and gone ‘Woah, I did not see that coming!’ Let me guess, zero? Indian Wedding receptions are meant to be a grand celebration and are yet too formal and predictable, to say the least. Not many people think of this but food doesn’t have to be the only breath-taking experience of the night. Think outside the box. Woo your guests. Give them a wedding reception they’ll look back and say ‘Remember the time when..’

Have you watched the Sugar by Maroon 5 video? Now, these are weddings that couples and their guests won’t ever forget. This does not imply that Maroon 5 could magically appear at your wedding (The possibility is almost nada); But you could hire a mariachi band, salsa dancers dancing with fire rings, or simply have a karaoke hour during cocktails as a surprise element for your guests. Don’t mention this anywhere on the invite. A little mystery never hurt anybody.

#4. The wedding reception wheel

Another fun yet subtle way to ditch the stage is to have a few PG 18 activities during the cocktail hour. One of these could be ‘The wedding wheel’ (also quite popular these days). You spin the wheel to get a dare. The Dares could literally range from the ‘The bride and groom kiss’ to ‘The Bride’s mother gulping down a Patiala peg’.

Wedding games are a natural way to encourage participation and involve your guests on your big day. Have a photo booth, a hidden message on every coaster or themed glasses. They must be different for the singles, married and the ‘it’s complicated’ guests. Quirk things up a notch. Make your wedding reception a day to remember, not just for you but for every one of your guests.

You don’t have to have wedding receptions, the conventional way. People are only now realising this and embracing the fact that wedding preparations can be maddening and that a little fun and laughter could go a long way to become a sheer joyous memory. At the end of the day, YOU should be the one deciding how YOUR wedding reception turns out. That’s the (only) way, mahiway. Cheers!

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