Wedding Website Designs That Are Totally On-Trend In 2023! 

Creating a wedding website for your celebration is a no brainer. With weddings becoming increasingly tech-led (courtesy of the pandemic!), sending e-invitations has become the norm. And as virtual weddings pick up the pace, a website becomes the one-stop shop, almost a virtual ‘Shaadi ka ghar’ for guests. For couples planning to create a wedding website, there are many advantages. For one, the service is free so it’s not going to add to your budget. It’s also a seamless experience for your guests as they can get all the information they need and RSVP at the same place. And then, if you plan to have a virtual celebration, you can host your live stream on the website too. So your guests just need to access one link and they can buy you a gift from your wedding registry, sign your guest book, get all the details and attend the virtual functions. Now isn’t that perfect? And we’ve got the best website designs that are totally on-trend for a 2023 wedding. So take your pick now! 

Wedding Website 2023


Florals and weddings are married for life! There is no season and no world where florals will not be a part of the wedding trend scheme. It’s something beautiful, eternal and ethereal. What’s also amazing about this theme is that florals can be interpreted in so many ways. It can be contemporary, classic, traditional, minimal or maximal, and it can be translated into any color story. So it’s one of the most adaptable motifs to start with. If you’re looking for a floral wedding website, here are some designs that are stunning.


Weddings are a traditional and auspicious occasion, and most families want to highlight religious motifs in their wedding invites. It’s considered a good omen and it’s a requirement that many couples follow. Be it a Ganesha, an Om or any other religious symbol, you can integrate these into your website while still retaining the design aesthetic you like. You can choose from the below options:


Couples who are looking to make a splash, literally, with their wedding website, this is a great theme to go for. You can use loud, vivid colours, dramatic motifs and interesting animations to make the website eye-catching and memorable for guests. This theme works best with a contemporary design aesthetic and are a great choice for a young, fun, couple looking to do something different.


If simple, elegant and beautiful is your style, then a minimal design is a great choice. Here, you can keep the design basic but play with beautiful fonts, amazing photography and fun content to make the website memorable and impactful. This is a good option to explore if you’re still finalising your theme and want a website that can work with a plethora of themes. It also works very well for couples who have done an elaborate photoshoot and want their pictures to be the hero of their website.


If you have an eye for great design and illustration or want a particular motif drawn into your website, then you can choose this theme. From standard templates to customisable designs, you can really work on getting something that fits your vision perfectly. These websites may have a minimal look and feel but also look very rich and artistic and are appreciated by guests all round.

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