5 Wedding Website Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests!

To-be married couples are always trying to find new ways of making their wedding unique and special. One of the latest wedding trends is creating a wedding website. This non-conventional and out-of-the-box idea has caught up lately making this wedding trend lack its uniqueness.

We have come up with 5 interesting wedding website ideas that will impress your guests and make sure that your wedding is one they will never forget!

#1. Your Love Story

What everyone looks towards a couple getting married is their story. How the couple met, where, what happened and how did this all happen. An interesting way to spruce up your wedding website is to create a section where you could depict your love story through a visual representation. You could have a timeline or an infographic reflecting all the moments from start till date. This will give your guests an insight into your lives making it personal too and also getting them excited about the wedding!

#2. Wedding Map

Including a wedding map into your wedding website could be just the thing to make it interesting and different from the rest. A wedding map would not only give direction to where the events are taking place but can also point out to different locations within the area where your guests could visit and have an experience. A wedding map is a fun way of showing the guests where the rituals will take place and will definitely show how thoughtful you are to them for taking part in your special day!

#3. Wedding Hashtag

In this day and age, most of your guests are social media savvy, which means they would be uploading a lot of pictures and stories on their social media platforms. Create a #WeddingHashtag that can be used by everyone and link it to your wedding website. Using a unique #WeddingHashtag of your special day, your guests could tag every picture they took at your wedding and can later find them all on your wedding website. This way everyone will have access to the pictures and will also be a fun album that they can view! This will surely impress your guests at the wedding.

#4. Features

A lot goes on at a wedding, there are a lot of people and committees involved. Vendors of flowers, caterers for the food, boutiques from where you bought outfits and accessories, and so much more! You could include a features section to your wedding website where people can gain access and check for themselves who those vendors are, whom you chose to help prepare for your special day! Including this in your wedding website will have three advantages; the first being that you would acknowledge and give thanks to the vendors, second being giving suggestions to those who are in search of such vendors; and  the third, being that this would be something no one ever did and that every single guest would appreciate greatly!

#5. FAQ’s Section

A wedding website is basically a digital form of a wedding invite. It is a cool and quirky way of informing people to save the date and be a part of your wedding. However, sometimes there are some questions that remain unanswered. Like is there a theme to the wedding, are children allowed, is there a certain attire, etc. Which is why a great thing to do and that will surely make an impression on your guests is to include a FAQ’s section. Having answers to these questions will show that you have thought it all out and can cut out any confusion that there may be.

Planning a wedding can be hectic, and making your wedding website super special can be difficult. But if you have got these ideas under your belt we are sure that this will be the cherry topping you have been looking out for!

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