Anatomy of a Wedding Gift

Finding a perfect wedding gift has always been a classic problem for many people. From a gifter’s point of view, often one is obligated to buy something for someone of whom they don’t know much about. This poses a few questions and problems for the giver of the wedding gifts which are:


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An obligation due to diplomacy – When attending a wedding, you are expected by default to bring something for the newlyweds. It’s almost rude to turn up without a gift. There is also an expectation of being polite if you are only an acquaintance of the couple. So, you feel it’s too intrusive to ask the couple what they prefer as a gift for their wedding. Hence, you are obligated as a guest to buy anything without much information about either of their lifestyles and personal tastes.

A gift is supposed to be personal – Most people are picky about the gifts they receive these days and are not always accepting of gifts that are generic in nature.


Chance of replicating is high – Even if you strive to bring a unique gift, there is a high chance that others at the party may present the same thing.

Time-consuming – It is an arduous and time-consuming task to find something meaningful for the couple without much information.


Pressure – The pressure of finding something unique is stressful and can easily be done away with.

So, what does make a good gift?

We are going to need a lucky mascot to explain the different factors that make a good gift. So we will choose something good that every household must have – a common kettle!


“This kettle was an easy find!”

There are times where one has to work very hard at finding something that is meaningful as a wedding gift for couples. This takes away from the pleasure of gift giving. The simplicity of finding a great gift makes for a great gifting experience.

“Yay! I can use this kettle every day!”

It is surely something that the couple will use a lot! Utility value is a big criterion. One that’s key to creating a good gift. A good gift is definitely one that can be utilized by the receiver very well.

“I remember this kettle! It’s from Mr.& Mrs.XYZ!”

It is one that you will be remembered for – a good gift is one for which the giver is remembered by the receivers, in a positive way! Gifts that make sense for the couple are long remembered.

“This kettle is one of a kind!”

No one else at the event has gifted the same kettle to the couple. When a gift is received many times, it becomes a negative experience for the couple because they have to think about the storage and also about how to utilize the extra gift received. This gift will eventually be recycled. However, a unique gift will be invaluable to the couple. Even something basic, with a unique twist, will be well received.

“Wow! This Kettle has lasted us a long time!”

It is durable and of reasonable value – quality is paramount when it comes to giving a wedding gift. It also has to be of reasonable value in terms of price.

Keep these points in mind while hunting for a good wedding gift. The couple will be very grateful that you took the time to do so!

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