10 Best Save The Date Card Design Ideas for 2019

best save the date card

Best Save The Date Card Designs For 2019

Save the date cards are trending and every couple must send one to their guests. Once you have finalised your wedding date, it’s the time to officially announce it to your friends and family and get them excited for your big day. Unlike formal wedding invitations, there’s no rule that says that save the date cards have to be printed and you can always choose for a digital card to send via WhatsApp. Whether you choose a printed card or a digital one, there are a variety of designs to choose from. You can follow up with a formal invitation or not.

Here are our top 10 save the date card designs for 2019

#1. It’s a match!


How cool is this save the date card idea that’s inspired by a Tinder page? We love the casual and candid pictures of the bride and the groom as opposed to sophisticated photoshoot pictures. In this Tinder era, ditch the traditional designs and go for this trendy save the date card. Everything about this save the date card design is so millennial.

#2. Calendar

This simple and creative save the date card idea is so cute. No need toof hiringe an expensive designer, make your own card in a simple DIY project. You can customise the fonts and colours as per your style. A calendar design for a save the date card is just apt.

#3. Under the canopy

Save the date card

Under the canopy

Of canopy, pastel colours and pink lotus flowers, this save the date card design is everything pretty. The golden detailing in the canopy is so beautiful. It reminds you of a baaraat when the groom, along with his friends and family, goes to his bride to bring her home. The modern graphic pattern in the background goes perfectly well with the design of the card. It is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary.

#4. Radha Krishna

save the date

Radha Krishna

In Hindu mythology, Radha and Krishna symbolise a love that is pure, selfless and knows no boundaries. The foundation of marriage is love and how apt is it to design a save the date card inspired by their great love story? This beautiful save the card design, set in an orange frame is perfect for a traditional Hindu wedding. The subtle motifs in the background complete the design and add elegance to the card. Start your wedding invitation on an auspicious note with the eternal love and romance of Radha and Krishna.

#5. Keeping it Kitsch

save the date invitation

Keeping it Kitsch

This colourful save the date design is unique and eye-catching. Whether you are having a Hindu wedding or a Christian wedding or any other wedding, this save the date card idea will work for you. The simplicity of the font and text colour balances out the quirky patterns in the card. There is something gorgeous about the randomness of the colours and designs in this card and maybe that is why it is called ‘keeping it kitsch’. We just love the eccentricity of this save the date card design.

#6. Floral Frame

save the date wedding

Floral Frame

Navy blue and gold is the most iconic and classic colour combination when it comes to wedding cards. The thick floral frame instantly takes the card from ordinary to royal. There is enough space for the text and you can incorporate the same design or theme for your wedding invitation card. It’s a gorgeous design for a printed card as well.

#7. Forever Yours

best save the date card

Forever Yours

Simple yet visually stunning is what this save the date card design is all about. We love the image used in the card. It shows the most beautiful moment of a Hindu wedding when the bride and the groom walk around the holy fire and vow to hold each others’ hands at every step in life. You can choose any other image of your choice and make your save the date card a visual treat.

#8. Taking Flight

cool save the date card invitation

Taking Flight

This save the date card design looks like an alluring painting of lovebirds. The colours and the background textures fit perfectly well with each other. There is ample space of the text message and you can customise it as per your likings. It is your big announcement and your save the date card should look nothing less than a piece of art.

#9. Polaroid

If you are a fan of Polaroid pictures like I am, you will love this save the date card design. Choose your favourite picture in the template and send it to your friends and family. You can play with font types here or choose a romantic black and white image. This simple and minimalist design of the save the date card makes it more a classic hit. You can choose from one of your old pictures or go for a romantic photo shoot.

#10. Save the Date Photo Shoot

best save the date card

Save the Date Photo Shoot

This one is for all the couples who want to take it up a notch. Think of it this way. If someone was to make a movie on your love story, what would the poster look like? There is a plethora of save the date card photo ideas on the internet. You can choose one online or come up with something on your own. Make it fun and unique. You can incorporate the date in the photoshoot or add it digitally. Not only will the photoshoot be unforgettable for you, but your guests will also remember your card as well.

Before jumping on to your wedding planning and trousseau shopping, send your loved ones a save the date card from any of the above design options. You can come up with your own idea as well. Customize your save the date card design and choose from different ideas on Wedding Wishlist.


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