Diet Tips for the Healthy Bridal Glow by Divya Nichani!

We had introduced you to yoga and raw food expert, Divya Nichani. She had shared some great exercise tips for looking your best on your big day. This week, we’re moving on to her second passion – good food! A raw food enthusiast, Divya is an inspiration for anyone who wants to eat clean and capture that enviable healthy glow. She has some amazing ideas for a bridal diet plan for glowing and we feel every bride should know these tips.

Bridal Glow diet by Divya Nichani
Bridal Glow diet by Divya Nichani

So, read on to know about her bridal diet plan for glowing skin.

#1. Importance of Eating Right

The months leading up to your wedding are often stressful ones. From the planning to the pressure to look stunning in every photo – there’s a lot of anxiety going around. Divya has a few suggestions on the nutritional front, “Food is meant to serve two important purposes: to nourish and provide us with energy, and to bring us pleasure. Before you begin to plan your pre-wedding prep, you must give up all the fizzy drinks and fried, sugary treats that you love secretly indulging in. These foods are heavy to digest and cause bloating of the stomach”.

The cons don’t end there, “Moreover, they can also lead to skin breakouts, which you are clearly going to despise, especially a few days before the wedding, right? Unfortunately coffee and alcohol make this list, so stay away from strong coffee and alcohol. They can tamper with your digestion and sleep pattern, and ultimately resulting in the dullness of your skin”. Instead of other forms of caffeine, Divya recommends green tea, which boosts your metabolism and immunity. For the bridal glow, no alcohol for the bachelorette party girls!

#2. Right Foods to Eat

She says, “Raw & vegan foods are a wonderful way to prepare brides to look & feel their healthiest for their special day. Raw food diet contains fewer trans fats and saturated fats than the typical diet. I can definitely say that it increases energy, improves skin appearance, aids better digestion, assists weight loss, and reduces the risk of heart disease”. Whole grains, fresh fruits, green leafy veggies, and lemons are all kitchen essentials she swears by.

#3. Emphasis on Self-Care

Another point that Divya emphasizes is self-care. In her opinion, it is essential that the bride is mentally and physically at peace before the wedding. A healthy sleep cycle is important, as is focusing on yourself and remembering to be grateful for what you have. This is a very important step to get that bridal glow ladies!

These bridal tips, simple though they may seem, are fantastic suggestions for staying sane during the wedding season. Though you may never be as serene as the monk who sold his Ferrari – you’ll definitely be a well-adjusted & happy bride. And as the elegant Audrey Hepburn once said, “happy girls are the prettiest girls.”

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