Neil & Leanne’s Unforgettable Experience with a Gift Registry

Neil and Leanne started dating in the most unusual circumstances. From being good friends to a couple, the duo took a long time to realise that they were meant to be. “He was in front of me all my life and I couldn’t see that he was the one,” said Leanne. When Neil moved to Bangalore from Bombay(where Leanne lived) they were pretty much in touch but as friends. She was also in touch with his mom because they enjoyed each other’s company. She had never really seen him in a romantic way before.

But a year later when she met him at the airport, she suddenly felt a weird pull towards him. “I used to fly back then and I had a layover in Bangalore for a couple of hours. Neil picked me up so I could meet his mom,” she said. That was the first time they met in a year and she didn’t feel like leaving him and going back to the flight. “A month later he happened to be in Bombay for 4 weeks and by the end of 4 weeks we were dating,” said  Leanne. The decision to get married was made and the duo decided to tie the knot in Bombay. While the 2 families got together to do all the arrangements, Neil & Leanne had decided to deal with the wedding gifts. “We knew about the concept because of a friend, but we had to plan what we needed. Our experience with the gift registry was great,” said Leanne.

Neil & Leanne's Gift Registry
Neil & Leanne’s Gift Registry

They listed down 3 things they loved about their experience with the gift registry:

Well wrapped gifts and handwritten notes

This was the highlight of their experience. While most e-commerce platforms send you a parcel with the courier packaging, Wedding Wishlist ensured that all wedding gifts are beautifully wrapped. When guests buy gifts for the couple they have an option to leave a message for the couple. These messages are handwritten by the team and sent out to couples along with the gifts. “We loved the personal touch to the wedding gifts we received, it turned out to be such a good gift opening experience,” she said.

Hassle-free gift delivery

The biggest benefit of creating a gift registry is to be able to get wedding gifts whenever and wherever they are needed. Couples can request to receive gifts before, during or after the wedding. “ We got married in Bombay but we shifted to Bangalore right after. Thanks to the registry we didn’t have to carry the gifts from Bombay to Bangalore. The wedding gifts came directly to our Bangalore home” Leanne said relieved.

Useful wedding gifts

While this is the most common benefit for couples, Neil and Leanne set up their new home with all the wedding gifts they received. “It feels nice to fill your house with things gifted from your loved ones. I am still using the induction my guests gifted because our LPG line is not fixed yet,” said Leanne laughing. That’s how useful all the gifts are. 

So this was the story of their gift registry. If you have a wedding story to share too, write to us at

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