A Gift Registry to Surprise a Friend Who Is Getting Married!

We all, whether in our teenage years or in adulthood, planned our buddies’ wedding. From what we are gonna wear, venue to which song we are gonna groove on. And nothing can measure up to the feeling of living the day that you have always imagined. Seeing your friend getting their happy ever after is a beautiful moment. For such a perfect event you need an equally perfect gift. Though the couple may not be vocal about what they would like as their wedding gift, you should absolutely not give in to what they say. The ideal solution will be to create a gift registry for them.

In India, this concept is gaining popularity. And why not? Instead of getting gifts that may not be useful at all, the couple can get the gifts that are actually required. The best part, anyone from anywhere can purchase the gifts for the couple. 

So, we are here to guide you on how to surprise your friend who is getting married with a gift registry

#1. Honeymoon package

What is a better gift than a honeymoon trip to an exotic location? If you are a close friend of the bride or groom, you may be aware of the destination where they want to go for their honeymoon. You can seize the moment and can plan a trip for them. Let everyone know and chip into the package. In case, you are not aware then maybe you can also add travel gift cards so the couple can customize their own package according to the budget.

#2. Gift cards

No matter how close you may be with the couple, you may not know the items they may need to set a new house. What if they have already purchased half of them? So the safe bet will be a gift card. You can add multiple gift cards from different websites or stores to their gift registry. This way the couple may buy whatever they need from the kitchen, dining to the bedroom. Giving them space to freely choose is the best gift you can give when most of the time the couples don’t have much say in the wedding gifts that they get. 

#3. Cash gift

What if the couple is moving to a new city or maybe a new country after the wedding? They can hardly take anything with them. Cash gifts will be the savior in this situation. The guests can contribute how much ever amount they want for the couple making it very flexible. Cash is always handy and important. The couple can use it for literally anything. To buy new stuff or to cover the expenses to move, the cash will always be useful. And only when a gift is used, it serves the purpose, doesn’t it? 

#4. Adventure 

If the couple is adventure junkies then what’s better than gifting an ultimate adventure package?

Not only will it help create new memories but they will thoroughly enjoy it. This gift will be unique and so personal. In case, they are not the adventure types, maybe you can gift them a simple and easy package. This way they can get the thrill of adventure and will be courageous enough to actually try it. 

#5. Automobile

Yes, we know this is an expensive gift but with so many people coming together to give something special it can be fairly easy with a gift registry. Whether it’s a Harley Davidson for long road trips or a simple Aether, the electric bike for everyday use, if it is something they like and you really want to give them the ultimate gift then maybe you can use this option.  Even a small contribution makes a difference and you can bring in everyone from colleagues to childhood friends and even family members. Just imagine the joy on your friend’s face when they’ll get your gifts!

Here are all the ways you can surprise your friend with a gift registry. It is your plan so you can tweak it however you want. The end goal should always be to give them something special, useful, and memorable. A gift registry is a perfect tool to make this happen!

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