Tips on How to Have Green Celebrations for Minimal Wastage

Coming together to celebrate any joyous occasion will surely leave a bundle of good memories but it may not be the same for everyone. We are talking about our environment, our mother Earth. The amount of wastage left behind after any celebration is shocking, especially the big and grand events. With climate change a big issue now, a lot of people are finally understanding the importance of going green. But how to have green celebrations? What are the steps or pointers? 

Green Celebrations
Green Celebrations

So, here are few ways you can have a beautiful green celebration

#1. Decorations

What’s a celebration without some decorations? For green celebrations, the first thing is to switch the plastic decorations with natural ones. Flowers and leaves will be the best choice. The flowers will give the pop of color that your party needs. You can also go for items made from natural materials instead of plastics. Switch balloons with paper lanterns, confetti with flowers, etc.

#2. Food

We all love food and one of the main reasons why we attend these events is to have good food. But do you know how much food is wasted after these events? Enough to feed hundreds and maybe thousands! When we waste food, we are wasting the resources used to grow, harvest, and cook them. So be mindful of it. 

#3. Cutlery

Using single-use plastic is normal on any Indian occasion. We can’t even fathom the harm our silly mistakes are doing to our planet. It is also affecting us but we are too lazy to realize it or do anything about it. Go for cutleries made of dried leaves, woods, etc. In many cultures, eating on banana leaves is what all guests do. Maybe you can also opt for this style. 

#4. Gifts

Gifting is important and we agree to it. But in today’s era, where technology is reigning as a king, packing and giving gifts seems a bit outdated. This system not only uses unwanted plastic gift wrappers but also can lead to unwanted gifts. Why not go for a gift registry and be stress-free? No repetition of the gifts and you will get the gifts that will be meaningful to you. The best part, anyone from anywhere can contribute towards it.

So, here are a few ways to cut down on plastics if you are hosting any events. Green celebrations are the future. Your one step can inspire hundreds. So be the change you want to see.
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