#Squad Goals- Group Contribution When Buying a Wedding Gift

There’s no such thing as “THE perfect wedding gift”, or is there? And you have just not been able to see it either due to lack of time, motivation to go look for it, or simply a tight budget that makes it almost impossible to afford it. Picking the perfect wedding present, especially for someone very dear to you, can be one of the hardest things to do. It has got to be a combination of sweet, unusual, and thoughtful. Bonus points if it means something to them or can create a pleasant memory. Like a mini holiday or concert passes to their favorite band for instance.

But all of this comes with a price, sometimes too high a price. Wouldn’t it be just ideal if you had no limit on your budget and inlets from several folks so you can ace this wedding gift to perfection? It’s so much simpler, and so much more fun to decide on a wedding gift with a bunch of friends by your side and buy it as a group. 

Group Contribution for Wedding Gift
Group Contribution for Wedding Gift

So, here are the 5 Reasons you must buy a wedding gift as a group:

#1. Adios, Wedding Gift (Limited) Budget

Why gift the much-deserving wedding couple concert tickets when you can literally gift them an all-inclusive trip to Santorini? (AND in business class, too!) Bigger is always better. The couple deserves to have big fat smiles at their big fat Indian wedding. Imagine being the reason for those gorgeous smiles. Not only is the idea of a group wedding gift fun, but it has so much emotion attached to it. Something that you would like to embed in their memory is something that would inevitably cost a lot. This doesn’t necessarily imply that only expensive gifts bring joy. But it is their wedding day and you are, after all, trying to make it a memorable one. A 10-day spa retreat over a 10-piece glass bowl set ANY DAY, right? 

#2. More minds = More Wedding Gift ideas

Picking a wedding gift could be quite a stressful event, especially when the bride is your dear old pal. What if you don’t do a good enough job? What if Tina, her not-so-close recently made friend does a better or god forbid, a more thoughtful job than you on picking the perfect present? Holy-Moly how dare she? Okay, let’s not get dramatic. Gathering a bunch of old friends would not only allow you to massively increase your budget but also spring in a million different ideas to choose from.

More people to contribute to your big plans could give you angles that you had never seen plausible earlier. You would be surprised by the number of ideas kicking in about. Bed and breakfast packages, Football World Cup match tickets, a pet doggo, spa vouchers, a personalized beverage tub, a couple of single malt varieties, and what not! A grand gesture is always a good idea. (Even when most coyly deny it’s not) 

#3.  Gift shopping becomes more like a #SundayFunday with the Gang

Why should all the wedding shopping fun stop at the bride and groom? You, as a guest (relative or friend), are an equal (okay maybe not equal but close) part of this huge huge celebration and nothing says fun like shopping with your girlfriends! And well, boyfriends if they’d like to tag along, no pressure. Once you’ve decided what your wedding gift is going to be, you could put on your shopping pants (Literal shopping pants, all of us have these, don’t you deny it.) and make a day out of it. If it’s old friends reuniting for the wedding, even better.

If you’re going in for a care package that has multiple items in it, you could spend the entire day not just shopping but catching up too! Weddings do have a way of bringing old folks closer over some shopping and tea. (or tequila)

#4. Say Goodbye to IOUs with Group Gifts

Imagine having to buy an expensive present all by yourself and borrowing from your mum or dad for the same. Or worse, buying in on an EMI basis because you don’t feel very comfortable paying for it all at once. The situation only worsens if it’s your best friend getting married. You would really like this opportunity to display affection to someone you literally grew up with and all that is coming in your way is a silly budget. This problem could easily be tackled. Gather around your troop, all of them probably feel the same anyways.

A larger squad gifting an expensive present such as jewelry or an expensive watch or even a mini-honeymoon makes life so much easier. Fare the well IOUs, you got this with absolutely no holes in your pocket!

#5. You get to make your Wedding Gift ‘The Wedding Gift of the Season’ (AKA #Squad Goals)

Besides all the fun and catching up, you and your friends would be setting the bar really high for THE BEST wedding squad by jumpstarting the whole group wedding gift trend and having your wedding gift stand out from all of the other relatives and folks at the wedding. If you’re really close to either (or both) the bride and groom, you would know them well enough to give them something that would either make them laugh really hard or cry tears of joy. It would likely resonate with a memory in the past and make them feel all mushy and nostalgic.

With the best wedding gift idea and a much larger budget, you would be creating for them, the memory of a lifetime they would never intend to forget. All this, while living it up with some really good fun

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