10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Website Guest Friendly

A wedding website is a modern wedding invitation. It is an elaborate and informative invite that informs your guests about every detail for your special day. In addition, it also adds to the fairytale vibe or personality that you want your wedding to be. It is just a different and cost-effective approach in sharing the announcement for the celebration of your marriage. Just because you are creating a wedding website it does not mean that it should or will be complex. Now you must wonder, “What should I put on my wedding website?”

So, here are 10 things your wedding website must have to make it guest friendly!

Guest Friendly Wedding Website
Guest Friendly Wedding Website

#1 Wedding Vibes 

We’re sure you have thought of a theme to your wedding. That is usually the centre point of thought around which decor and everything else is planned. The theme should be reflected on your wedding website. This brings out the vibe that you want at your wedding and gets it across to your guests as well. Be it rustic, traditional or ultra-modern your website should have elements or aesthetics of the palette you are going for. 

#2 Function Details 

Function details are pertinent to a wedding website. If you have a couple of ceremonies prior to or before the wedding day it has to be mentioned on the website. This ensures that your guests are aware and can save the dates accordingly. Not only do you have to give them the dates but also the time and venue location. Every detail is important, nothing is not important when it comes to an event. And if you can then enable a maps option to the location, this will definitely help your guests navigate their way to the wedding and other functions. The purpose of a wedding website is to make the experience simple and easy for your guests as the goal is for them to be a part of your special day and to enjoy it to the fullest. The Ultimate Wedding Checklist – 99 Tasks To The Big Day!

#3 Our Story 

Almost every website has an About Us section. On your wedding website make it a little personal and tweak the section to ‘Our Story’. This section is wholly dedicated to your romantic story, how you and the bride met, and how you both knew that you were the ones for each other. This story will give your guests a little more insight into your lives. Also, who can resist a great story… no one ever! 

#4 Dress Code? 

If your wedding or other ceremonies have a certain dress code that needs to be conveyed to your guests. Be it a certain colour or a certain style of clothing your guests should be informed beforehand so that they are dressed accordingly for the event. It is better to prepare them in advance if any dress code is needed.

#5 Registry

Now, if you are opting to register for wedding gifts there should be a section on your wedding website that is dedicated to it. You can link your gift registry to the website so that your guests can easily find it and get what you like. This is a more organized and hassle-free manner to the items on your list. However, your gift registry does not necessarily have to limit to physical products but can also be experiences. You can also have links to charities that you wish to donate to. A short and sweet message on why it means a lot to you goes a long way in making your guests feel included.

#6 Transportation & Accommodation

If you’re having a destination wedding then it is only right to offer transportation and accommodation to your guests. Add all the transport and accommodation details to your wedding website. You can also suggest a bunch of things your guests could do while staying during your wedding days. This way they are able to explore the place, enjoy their stay thoroughly and remember your wedding for a lifetime. 

#7 #ThisIsOurHashtag

Most modern weddings now have a hashtag associated with their special day. This is used by all their guests to tag pictures/messages on social media. Couples can upload their images at the wedding or in the preparations of the wedding and use the hashtag, This would mean that all photographs and videos taken at your wedding are all on the wedding website and can be accessible to all your guests on a single platform. This works as a photo gallery that you can later save and share with guests who did not make it for the wedding. 

#8 RSVP, please?

Since it is a wedding website, RSVPing is all the more important and extremely simplified. Nowadays, when people receive a notification on their phones they are bound to see it. An online RSVPing is so much easier. With the click of a button, you know if your guest will be attending your wedding or not. Now, isn’t this a smart thing? 

#9 LIVE Streaming 

LIVE streaming of the wedding is something that is not very commonly seen. If you have guests that are unable to make it for your wedding they can virtually watch you tie the knot with your life partner and also somehow witness your union. This is a feature that’ll even make the guests unable to attend the wedding, feel like they’re a part of it!

#10 Wedding Countdown

A wedding countdown on the wedding website is extremely fun and also gets the excitement amped up not just for you but for your guests as well. Counting down the days to the special day is overwhelming but it is the day that you and everyone have been waiting for, so make a big deal about it. It is the day you and your partner make it official and begin the chapter of your happily ever after! 

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and a wedding website is a great way to send across the happy news to your guests. These 10 steps are surely bound to making it user-friendly, your guests will definitely be excited for your special day!

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