Bye, Bye Spreadsheets. Hello Wedding App! – The 2019 Edition

There has been a lot of wedding trends in the past few years, especially with the rise of tech in the wedding industry. Technology has played a major role in wedding trends as millennial couples are looking for smart, cost-friendly solutions to wedding planning. It has allowed couples to plan their weddings on the move with progressive web apps. Here’s one such wedding app that can help you with wedding logistics – Guested!

Wedding App - Guested
Wedding App – Guested

So, here’s everything you need to about the wedding app for logistics:

What is Guested?

Guested is a progressive web app to help you with managing the entire guest experience—communication, logistics and RSVPs. Because it’s a progressive app, Guested does not need to be downloaded from the Playstore or App store. Instead, once purchased, the app gets saved on the home screen by clicking on a shareable link! You can use the Guested wedding app to keep a track of all the guests, their accommodations, travel and special requests like a wheelchair, wheelchair accessible rooms etc. This ensures your guests have the best experience at your wedding and you stay on top of all the logistics and planning as all the information is available to you in an easy and organised manner!

Features and Functions:

#1 Add guests according to groups

This feature of the wedding app allows you to add guests according to the groups they belong to like family, close friends, relatives, friends, acquaintances etc. You can divide your guest list into how many ever groups you want. 

#2 Room Inventory Manager

The room inventory manager keeps track of the number of rooms you have in your inventory in total, to whom the rooms are allotted and how many rooms you have left, all at a glance. Even if you have rooms in multiple hotels, you need not worry! You can add whichever hotels you have the rooms in and track the allotment similarly!

#3.Transport Inventory and Schedule Manager

This helps you keep track of the vehicles in your fleet including the brand, model, number, driver name etc.You can assign the vehicle to multiple guests and keep a track of how many guests you’ve assigned to, the pickups, drop offs etc.  

#4. Add Functions

An Indian wedding is definitely bound to have a number of functions. So this feature helps you to add all the functions. This in turn, will help you generate customized reports which will be explained below. 

#5. Generate Customized Reports

You can generate customized reports according to the various filters in the app. You can generate reports by the guest type (In station/Outstation), their RSVP status, their hotel, check in date/checkout date, their arrival date, pick up point, departure date, drop point, according to the functions, their stay group, their travel group and if they’ve availed transport and hotel services or not.

#6. Multiple Organisers

You can add multiple organisers i.e., any number of people belonging to the planning party. Just like a spreadsheet, every change made will be reflected to anyone using Guested and also they can use the wedding app simultaneously. 

How to use Guested? 

Using Guested is really simple. After choosing Import Guests from excel option, you’ll get a spreadsheet. Just fill in the details asked in the spreadsheet and voila! Everything appears in guested. You even have the option of adding information manually or even using the RSVP form. Once all the information has been populated, you can start Guesting! Use the features of the wedding app for a seamless planning experience.

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