Top 10 Things That Make Your Wedding Website an Instant Hit!

Taking something and putting it online is synonymous to making life easier today. Precisely why your wedding needs a website. With all that load on your plate before your wedding, you really don’t need to be going to each and every guest’s door, giving out wedding invitations, explaining to them the sequence of events and overdosing on Haldiram’s in the process. Less than 60 seconds to spot all the reasons why this sounds like such a bad idea. What about Whatsapp and Email Invites? They’re convenient and fast too, right? But is a wedding website only to simplify the invitation process? Absolutely not.  Every significant event today requires a website showcasing its very quintessence. You’ve had a great love story, one worth sharing. So share it, and do it well!

Wedding Website
Wedding Website

Here are 10 things that make your wedding website an absolute hit: 

1. ‘Respondez s’il Vous plait’ is a Wedding Website Knight

Your wedding website (for the most part) is to make the whole invitation process way more convenient for you and your partner. Not only are you inviting guests and keeping them abreast, but by creating the website you are likely to figure an estimate of people showing up to the wedding. An RSVP button honestly eases things for your guests too, more than you realise it. Do you think a friend from high-school really wants to call you up and tell you he can’t make it because his old Aunt “Geeta” is sick (that we all know is a sham)? No! Attending/Not Attending/Tentative are the only 3 options your website holds. No explanations, please.

Guestbook & RSVP
Guestbook & RSVP

2. The Wedding’s Location (for all ceremonies) 

How many times have you tried hard looking at the tiny map on the back of a printed wedding card and gone- “This could be handy”- probably ZERO, right? God bless Google Maps! Having the Google maps location on your wedding website is very ‘last-minute handy’ even if you may not realise it. Your folks could forget the name of the place, forget what branch of a 5-star hotel the ceremony is at or even mix up locations of the different ceremonies. But they could always get on your website and cross-verify the location leaving no room for any kind of confusion. 

3. Can we get a hell yeah! for the Wedding Dream Team? 

Let’s face it. Besides you and your partner, a bunch of minds have been running around getting things done just so you can have the wedding of your dreams AKA your very own Wedding Dream Team. Whether it’s a task outsourced to the professionals or your inner circle of friends and family that’s been doing all the elbow-greasing for your website, or otherwise- getting your fittings right, driving your around, getting the flower decorators and caterers, shooting videos or participating in videos- they all deserve a huge shout and what better than to feature them on your wedding website? 

4. Don’t skip your “How we met” Chronicles on the Website 

How you met might be a truly intriguing story for some. Not only does this section spare you from the torturous act of narrating your love story over and over again, but it’s also something that your guests would probably want to know about the two of you. If you’re the shy type, you could write about each other or get a common best friend to go ahead and draft this cherishable moment in words.

'How We Met' Story
‘How We Met’ Story

5. A Wedding Website Timeline

The entire schedule of each ceremony put into a timeline will save you and your guests just about a 100 phone-calls. You could even include details like the theme of each ceremony, dress code and any after parties or morning brunches you plan on hosting in between ceremonies. You’ll see how magically stress-free all of your ceremonies turn out with a well-laid timeline of events. A happy guest is a happy host.   

6. Your (not so subtle) Wedding Invitation video!

Your wedding invitation video is literally a trailer to your wedding and is probably the very first thing you ought to put up on your wedding website. All that sweat and blood (AND dollar bills) you put into this mini wedding rehearsal with your families jiving and your best-friend beat-boxing in a lehenga? It would be a sin to let it out of the website. 

7. Small details that play a big role at the Wedding 

Minor details matter. The theme, the caterers, the dress code, all of this information plays an important role in adding value to your wedding website. You would be surprised with how taken aback your guests would be when you’ve answered all of their unasked questions. Slide in a link to your wedding gift registry if you may. (If you don’t have one, reconsider having one, honestly, what are you doing?!) If you’re hosting a destination wedding, elaborate on the weather conditions that are predicted on the days of the wedding so your guests can come well-prepared accordingly.

Gift Registry
Gift Registry

8. A Wedding Website Gallery

Add some extra oomph with snaps that align with your wedding theme. Stills from your pre-wedding shoot, your time together as boyfriend and girlfriend, or childhood pictures (if you guys are highschool sweethearts)- basically anything that makes your folks go “aww” means that you’ve got yourself a kickass wedding website. You could even have face-recognition as part of your website gallery, just for your folks to get familiar with the faces they’d be seeing at your wedding. 


9. A Post-Wedding Page

Everyone looks forward to a “coming soon” space. In Fact, the very hype in these two words makes people assume that what’s coming ought to be fabulous. After all, the post-wedding section is going to be filled with pictures and funny candids of your folks from the wedding too. Who wouldn’t want to spot themselves and see how they look when they dance. (or eat, LOL.) Having a post-wedding gallery is also an effective way of having to avoid sharing wedding photos to every guest individually. Easy-peasy, right? 

10. Wedding-related Logistics

A big event has the baggage of a million questions glued to it. “What time does the ceremony get over?”, “When do I get to see Rahul’s dance performance?” “Are we headed to the reception straight after the Pheras?”. If it’s a destination, make sure to provide details of any cab (or you know, speed boat) pick-up facilities arranged to and from the venue for your guests. Any details that would spare you the massive migraine you could have from answering these questions- go ahead, and put it on the wedding website. 

Happy Wedding Website Building! To know more visit Wedding Wishlist!

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