Fun Indian Wedding Games to Make Your D-Day Unforgettable!

Big Fat Indian weddings didn’t just get this term only because of the extravagance and splendor but also because they are a lot of fun! Weddings require a lot of planning and detailing and obviously, must be entertaining. What better way to get your guests to interact and celebrate your special day than Indian wedding games! They are unique, silly, smart and a major highlight at most weddings. Apart from the naach-gaana, the trend of Indian wedding games has increased. So, if you want your wedding day to be remarkable and unforgettable you ought to have some incredible games.

Indian wedding games
Indian wedding games

Since we are all about having fun, here’s a list of the 20 most entertaining and exciting Indian wedding games to include in your celebration! 

#1. Bride Or Groom?

This Indian wedding game ensures your guests laugh out loud (LOL) indeed! For this game, your entire wedding party (guests) can also participate. You can hand out paddle boards to every one of your guests. These paddleboards will have a picture of the bride and groom on each side respectively. The MC or host of the event will ask questions that are relatively funny and true. Your guests will have to lift their paddleboards with their responses of whether the bride or groom is most likely to behave or respond in that manner. This guessing game brings nothing but laughter and joy.

#2. Saree Not Sorry!

Well, this may be one of the cliched Indian wedding games but is great fun! Getting the men in the wedding party to wear a saree will create a riot of laughter and add the funny zest to your wedding, making it truly unforgettable! Also, you don’t want to miss a chance where your friends and family can be their silly selves! 

#3. Paper Dance 

This is one of the most popular Indian wedding games that is very tricky but indeed exciting. This is a couples game, where each couple is given a large sheet of paper and asked to dance on this together with the music playing. Upon the music stops, they have to get off the paper, fold it in half and continue dancing on it. They must continue this until the piece of paper is extremely tiny and they can still dance on it. Couples whose feet fall off the paper are disqualified from the game. Include this in your celebration and have tons of fun. Who knows, this game could spark a love story? Wouldn’t that be something special! 

#4. Musical Chairs

This age-old game never gets out of style and is always a lot of fun. To make this extremely entertaining, add some exciting gifts that will truly wow your guests and make them competitive and compelled to want to win! 

#5. Step-Up! 

We know that dance battles are a part of the sangeet, but there is no rule that you cannot include it as a wedding game. This Indian wedding game is loved by everyone and enjoyed it thoroughly! Have the ladkiwale’s and the ladkewale’s dance it out on the floor making the game edgy and full of energy! If you want to add another fun factor to this game, you could see which team can keep up their energy and dance the longest! May the best team win. 

#6. Let’s Twist! 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or even if children are allowed, you want to add this game to the festivities. It is an unconventional Indian wedding game but is super-duper light and fun. It amps up the vibe of your wedding making it unique, cool, and incredible! Here’s how you play it, get a large twister mat (this can be bought at game shops). You will get a set of instructions and color codes to go with it. This game can also be played with music. Once the DJ/ host pauses the song, a color will be picked out and the players will have to touch the color with either their hand or foot; whichever is convenient. This is quite an edgy and competitive game, so if you do go ahead and play this game, we are sure it will be the talk of the town (in a good way).

#7. Spill The Beans 

This is a true or false game or a game also known as getting to know the bride and groom. Here, the bride and groom spill some of their quirks, secrets, and things they’ve done(or not done) in the past and ask their guests to answer correctly. Once the question is asked, the first person from their guest who raises their hand gets to answer the question. If they are unable to do so, any random guest is picked and asked to answer. Every correct answer gets a prize. This is one of the Indian wedding games that can get the guests to socialize and truly enjoy the celebration!

#8. Karaoke

Adding this to your wedding will make it a one-of-a-kind Indian wedding. Have your bride tribe and groom squad compete against each other. That will level up the fun and bring them much closer, even if the singing is really bad!

#9. Ring Toss 

This game is usually seen at fairs or melas but can definitely be an Indian wedding game! Keep aside a corner or stall at your wedding where this game can be played. Instead of tossing the rings on bottles or containers, place gifts. So, your guests have a chance of winning what they want! 

#10. Freeze Frame 

This is an incredible game because it will leave you in a fit of laughter! This is played by couples dancing, and when the music stops, they have to freeze in a pose and not move no matter the circumstance. Not only will this be a fun game but will also allow for picture-perfect moments that will never be forgotten.

#11. Hopscotch

Who hasn’t played this game in their childhood? So why not relive it at your wedding? Your guests would never imagine finding hopscotch as a wedding game! So surprise them and let everyone relive their good ol’ happy days because a wedding celebration is all about creating happy memories. 

#12. Mithai Master 

Got a sweet tooth? Then this is a game you will definitely win! Mithai Master is a unique wedding game that involves eating a plate full of mithai within a given time. It is unique, funny, and surely an unforgettable game! 

#13. Spin The Wheel

This game can be played by your guests as well. On the wheel, options/ dares will be placed. Here, any guest can spin the wheel, and upon reaching an option they can either ask the bride or groom to complete the task. 

#14. To-Do Or Not To Do

Place a bowl, pens, and scraps of paper on a corner table and let guests write one piece of advice for the newly married couple. The couple not only gets great advice but it keeps the guests entertained. 

#15. Name That Song 

This Indian wedding game is for everyone including the little ones out there. Play iconic songs that are quite common and ask them to guess the song and do the hook step to it! Every correct answer gets a prize, and well, who doesn’t love prizes?

#16. Bursting Balloon

There’s an old wedding game where a couple dances by placing a balloon between them. The only instruction of the game is to ensure the balloon doesn’t burst. This doesn’t sound difficult but is a ton of fun to watch. You will literally roll on the floor laughing! 

#17. Time To Limbo!

Limbo is a game that is not quite seen in India but can be incorporated as a wedding game. It is extremely fun when the going gets tough. All you have to do is get a long stick that is also pretty with sparkles or some sort of design (adds to the aesthetic of the wedding). A number of people can play this game, all they have to do is bend backward and walk under the stick. This stick should be held by two people. It starts with the height being easily walked under, to an extremely low height which makes it tricky and challenging to your guests. This game will definitely make everyone remember your wedding celebration!

#18. Hula hoop

Another wedding game just for the children, this is to get the kids energized and happy during the party. Get a couple of Hula hoops and ask the children to put them around their waste and make the most number of hoops. It makes them try really hard because they all want to be winners. The child who makes the most number of hoops is the winner! 

#19. Tug-Of-War 

If you have an open ground for your wedding, then this wedding game is interesting. Getting your guests on either side of the rope to play Tug-Of-War will definitely be entertaining. 

#20. Guess The Ingredient 

This is one of the Indian wedding games all foodies will love! Call out all your guests and make them play this game! Make the person sit, taste, and guess the ingredients in the dish within a minute. Obviously, the person tasting the food should be wearing a blindfold, that’s what makes this game all the more amazing! 

All these Indian wedding games have something special which will make your celebration unforgettable. Just remember, even though it is your special day, you can make the wedding unforgettable for everyone involved! Let us know in the comments below if there are some other games that you played at a wedding and absolutely loved it!

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