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The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride so far and the corona pandemic is the major contributor to this tumultuous year. It has changed life as we know it and now there are new norms in place. Just like everything else, it has also had a profound impact on Indian weddings. We’re seeing new trends emerge and couples opting for micro-weddings. But it has also led to a lot of confusion as there’s no data readily available when it comes to weddings during a corona pandemic.

So, here are the expert from Shubh Muhurat Luxury Weddings, to answer all your questions regarding Indian weddings in 2020!

SMLW on the chaning Indian weddings landscape
SMLW on the changing Indian weddings landscape

#1. Now that Indian weddings are getting cancelled, how are you planning to use this time as planners to make the wedding experience better for clients?

As Wedding planners, we are utilizing the most out of this time by creating new ideas & new ways to ensure that the weddings which were planned for this month and in the next month happen. We’re keeping in touch with the clients and giving them as many options of vendors like MUAs, Choreographers, photographers and so on and are doing as much as we can. We are also having meetings on Skype and Zoom with the clients. We, as well as our clients, feel that these meetings are better than the real ones. The clients don’t have to get stuck in traffic and can comfortably make decisions from their own homes.

The Bride & Groom have a lot more time to really choose what to wear. They have a lot more time to peacefully decide on things like dresses, accessories, shoes, invitation cards, pre-wedding shoots, Mehendi etc which are all important when it comes to Indian weddings. We are also now able to focus on minute details to make everything perfect as we really did not have the time to focus so much on every wedding.  

#2. Do you have some advice for couples who have to go through the pain of postponing their weddings? 

We would definitely recommend small and micro-weddings for the foreseeable future. Indian wedding should now be just between the families or the close ones and not have 1000 guests. It’s a critical time for the whole country or in fact the world. So, just ensure that you and everyone attending the wedding is safe. Base your decisions by keeping people’s safety in mind. Also, keep in mind that even though your wedding date has been postponed and we understand that you’re frustrated, think of it as some extra time to make your dream wedding come true!

#3.  What kind of role will technology play in planning weddings going forward?

Well, the use of technology has changed in so many good ways. Where we used to use pen and paper to draw or sketch something to see this is how it will look like, now everyone’s using technology to do the same, which is way easier and effective. 

With the help of floor plan, design software, online timeline templates and project management system with virtual To-Do List, many of the tasks that are incorporated with wedding planning have been streamlined. 

We are helping out our client, to have a smooth meeting, let them choose their E-Invites etc. They have more options than any of our previous clients. We are sharing more ideas on the pre-wedding shoots, floral venue decor of all the events. We are also getting in touch with the guests and getting RSVPs much earlier than ever. Also, virtual weddings are now on the rise and we see couples now using things like wedding websites and a gift registry for their wedding. Since there is so much time now on people’s hands, it does allow for the planning process to be smoother than ever.

#4. What are some tips you would give to couples planning a destination wedding this winter?

We would suggest couples to not plan their wedding as “Big Fat Indian Weddings” for at least the next 6 months. They can have a close wedding, with their families and friends. If couples really do want a huge wedding, we’d suggest they wait until the next year to have their dream wedding.

#5. How different will weddings be post the Corona phase?

The situation is very uncertain. Nobody seems to know what is going to happen next. But we can all agree that we should take all precautions to keep ourselves and our family safe. This is something that we have to live with until the vaccine is found. So, Indian weddings are definitely not going to be big and fat anytime soon!

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