The Heartwarming Love Story of a Mumbai Girl and Delhi Boy

When a Delhi boy and Mumbai girl meets magic happens or so happened in this case – a sweet love story was brewing on the floors of the Cuemath office. 2 different people from 2 drastically different cities met at the startup hub of the country. Their company playing cupid, Mohit and Chandni started off with being friends. With their backs facing each other at the office, it was not until Chandni started to gain popularity in office that Mohit noticed her. For him, it was love at first. “It wasn’t the same for me,” Chandni said, or so she claims. 

“Stability, unperturbed decision-making, patience is his territory, which was fascinating to me, the impulsive and instantaneous chic,” she says highlighting what makes them different in their own ways and yet brings them together. Being opposites by nature, Chandni and Mohit still had a lot of things in common like their shared passion for music, good food and quality of life. 

Chandni & Mohit's Love Story
Chandni & Mohit’s Love Story

The Love Story Continues…

Their bond got stronger and slowly he started becoming her comfort zone. They were there for each other like a rock, always supporting and taking care. When Chandni had severe health issues too, he was there through and through to comfort her and take care of her. That worked on Chandni like magic and she slowly started having a soft corner for him. That’s how their love story kicked off. When Mohit left for a social entrepreneurship program, Chandni realised how much she actually liked him and missed him. The separation made the heart grow fonder and made Chandni realise just how important Mohit was to her. They got into a relationship in 2018. More coffee dates and trips happened and Mohit and Chandni’s relationship became stronger and stronger.

Was there a big proposal? Sadly no. But there definitely was an emotional Chandni popping the question (Yes! Boys don’t have to propose all the time!)

Chandni & Mohit
Chandni & Mohit

Wedding Bells Ring!

Fast forward to 2019 and it was now time to let the families know. After a lot of planning and plotting the couple got to get their parents to agree to the beautiful relationship they share. 

Chandni & Mohit's Engagement
Chandni & Mohit’s Engagement

It’s been a few months and the journey has only gotten more beautiful. “We are getting married in Udaipur and I have put in my all into this wedding to make it beautiful” What’s also making this celebration even more beautiful is the fact that they decided to leave out the stress of unused wedding gifts. That’s the last thing a couple wants after a beautiful celebration – to be stuck with wedding gifts they wouldn’t use.

The Gift Registry

“We are moving into a new house after the wedding and we want to fill the house with the love of our family and friends. Had I not created the wedding registry I’d be gifted gold, something I wouldn’t be able to use. Plus my love for home decor also helped me decide that a gift registry is the way to go. I can’t wait to fill up my house with all the lovely things I added to the registry.” said a happy Chandni

Mohit & Chandni's Gift Registry
Mohit & Chandni’s Gift Registry

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