The Wedding Story of a True Blue Millennial Couple in 2020

Millennials are known to be overachievers and go-getters. If they can do so for their careers and professions, why not the life partner? The rising number of dating apps and matrimony websites are proof of the fact that millennials really love to have it their way. In all of this, technology plays the biggest role. From matrimony and online wedding planning portals to gift registries and wedding apps, technology has a big role to play in the life of a millennial couple.

Ajay and Saranya, an ideal millennial couple share the story about how they met, fell in love and planned their wedding with the help of technology. 

Ajay & Saranya - The Millennial Couple
Ajay & Saranya – The Millennial Couple


Ajay and Saranya met through a wedding matrimony portal. Both individually managing their profiles, they took an interest in each other because of the descriptions. It started from the first date and then slowly after a couple of dates things started to get clearer. “I was from Pune and she from Navi Mumbai. I’d travelled to meet her for her birthday after our second date,” he said. “I was so happy that he took the effort. It went on to become another date for us. One that was quite romantic”, Saranya said. Their parents knew about the developments of their relationship too.

After a couple more dates Ajay and Saranya started to get a little more serious. “I had to travel out of the country for work and we ended up staying in touch the whole while. When I returned from my trip we met and things started to get even more romantic and special.” They decided to tell their parents after giving it some time. Even though we knew we were comfortable with each other it was necessary to be sure that we still wanted to get married to each other,” said Saranya. “But everything did work out and we were all set to tie the knot.”

Wedding Website

“We decided to get engaged 6 months after we told our parents. That’s when we came across the wedding website through an Instagram Ad. It had everything we needed.” said Ajay. A wedding website is a tool that helps couples create their own customized wedding website for free. It starts with the ‘Our Story’ section, covers the function details, gallery, gift registry and ends with the RSVP. When the millennial couple came across this tool, they just knew they had to use the free wedding website because it would be a really different thing to do. Because Millennial couples love to stand out and do different things. 

Gift registry

“We just knew we had to make the gift registry a part of the wedding website. We have seen cousins get married and there are always hundreds of God idols. I mean what is a millennial couple going to do with so many idols? And don’t even get me started on the redundant crockery. But what do guests also do? All these things come from a lack of information on what a millennial couple want. So we decided to let the guests know what we exactly wanted.” said Saranya. The duo had a registry that was a mix of homeware, kitchen appliance, tableware and gift cards from brands they knew they’d shop from later. 

Excel sheets, online budget planner and checklists

“Saranya loves to plan things out and execute them. Since this wedding was obviously very special to her. She didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Right from the smallest decor details to hotel bookings, food, makeup and more. Things were all so well planned by Saranya.” said Ajay. She made use of excel sheets to plan the whole thing out. She also took the help of the style quiz to understand her style better. “I had most of the stuff under control. The online budget planner and checklist helped me remember some arrangements if I had missed them out,” said Saranya. 

So this was the story of how this millennial couple used technology to meet, fall in love and plan their wedding. If you know a similar couple tying the knot, hit us up, we’d love to get in touch with them.

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