3 Things This Indian Couple Did to Have a Smart Wedding in 2019

“Having a smart wedding is not tough if you find the right ways to do it..” 
When he first saw her on the college bus, he thought she was his senior at college. An athletic posture and major participation in sports, Rini seemed to be the college queen. “Initially I thought she was a senior and resisted the urge to go and talk to her,” said Ravi. Later he realised she was from the same batch and they ended up being really good friends. A couple of months later, she asked him out and he just had to say yes. After a solid 10 year relationship, here they are, tying the knot in an Iyer wedding ceremony!

Ravi & Rini's Smart Wedding
Ravi & Rini’s Smart Wedding

Why a smart wedding?

Ravi is an actor by profession and Rini, a fitness trainer. They realised that there needs to be a change in the way things are done at the wedding. Here are 3 things the couples did to inspire some level of change in the traditional way of planning weddings.  

#1. Wedding Website

The couple decided to go eco-friendly with the wedding invitations. Restricting printed cards to only the very close members of the family. Instead, the duo decided to do a wedding website for their wedding. Their wedding website consisted of their story, wedding functions, gift registry and an RSVP section.  While this was a free, eco-friendly and time-saving option, the couple faced the challenge of doing only a single version with all the functions for all the guests. Initially, they didn’t have an option to do a separate version of the website for every guest based on what functions they were invited for. “The Wedding Wishlist team helped us customise our website link so that we could send the same website with different function options to different people.” said a happy Ravi.   

Ravi & Rini's Wedding Website
Ravi & Rini’s Wedding Website

#2. Gift Registry

When Ravi’s sister was married a couple of years ago she faced the problem of getting wedding gifts that were of no use to her. “I wanted to use and cherish the gifts my family gave us. Re-gifting a wedding gift was not an option. And so we created a gift registry,” said Ravi. A gift registry is a prerequisite for a smart wedding. Couples can add the wedding gifts they prefer to receive for their wedding and the guests could get them just that. 

#3. Saplings for return gifts

Ravi and Rini, an environment-conscious millennial couple, decided to keep their wedding return gifts thoughtful. They chose the eco-friendly route with saplings. While this was a good way to emphasize the eco-friendly aspect of the wedding, the saplings also worked out cheaper in terms of budget. Having a smart wedding can also be easy on the pocket. 

When we asked the groom for some wedding planning tips he said – “Most people become extreme versions of control freaks at their wedding. Letting go a little and giving control to the other person goes a long way in helping you keep the planning stress free. Let people help you. They do a very good job of it. So trust a little, chill out, relax and enjoy the process.”

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