Together but Not Together- Oneness with Virtual Celebration

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries or graduation – celebrations are just not the same anymore. With the pandemic forcing people to prioritise social distancing, celebrations have moved online. Previously, if your great aunt or close friend could not attend your big day, then they simply missed it. Today, they can just watch it right from their homes. Distance doesn’t matter. Geographical boundaries don’t matter. Travel restrictions don’t matter. The only thing that matters is technology and connectivity. A new buzzword “virtual celebration” has emerged. It is now possible for you and your loved ones across the globe to celebrate together while not necessarily being together physically. Isn’t that amazing! No dilemma about which guest to remove from the guest list – because nobody needs to miss out the fun, thanks to online functions. But can a virtual function really be as good as an offline event, in terms of the experience it has to offer? In short, the answer is yes, and the virtual event experience can be enhanced to closely mimic an offline experience. Celebrating online doesn’t equate to simply live streaming your event. You event a lot more aspects to create a holistic virtual experience.

Here are some virtual celebration services to explore:

#1. Event website

It’s always nice to have a touch of personalisation in every element of your ceremony. You can integrate the live stream link with a customised event website, where you can share the even details, ceremony line up, venues, timings and dress code. You can even add your RSVP form, so your website becomes the one stop destination for all event related information. And with a lot of free website templates available online, creating your own website is just a matter of choosing a theme, customising the contents and hitting publish!

#2. Online guest party

Agreed, a live stream makes it possible for your guests to watch the ceremony right from where they are. But aren’t celebrations about catching up with friends and family and chatting away? A virtual guest party lets you achieve exactly that! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply have your guests join via an online video chat platform so they can watch the live streaming. You can even take it a step forward and make your virtual celebration more fun and social by providing a platform for them to socialise.

#3. F&B

No celebration is complete without food, so why should virtual guests miss it? Send freshly prepared pastries or hot meals to your virtual guests right before the ceremony. This way, your guest can eat together with other guests while socializing online,  multiplying joy manifold. Also, it makes the experience one step closer to actually dining at the event venue. 

#4. Digital Album

Your event videographer captures the event happening at the actual venue, but your online guests will not get to be a part of the footage. When you choose a video chat platform for your guests, check if there is a recording facility – most platforms should offer this. They way, you can capture key moments, toasts, and messages of your virtual guests. You can also choose to compile the best moments from the online party as well as your live stream footage and create a beautiful, short clip. This “digital album” becomes an easy to watch, unforgettable memory.

#5. Gift Registry

In any celebration, it is natural for your friend and family want to share their love by getting you a gift. But if they are unable to travel or attend your event in person, how do they send their gift across? Set up a gift registry as a part of your website so your guests can contribute towards or buy a gift from your wish list. They don’t have to break their heads over what to buy, the gift is delivered to your doorstep and every gift is meaningful and useful.

#6. Post-Event Website

Keep your website active post your event, so you can share videos and photos from your special day. You can even use it to thank your guests for their presence, lovely wishes, blessings and gifts at your virtual celebration.

Safety is of course the priority, but celebrations don’t have to be downsized. Having a virtual celebration is a great way to celebrate your most important milestones together, even if you are not together!

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