This Offbeat Wedding will Inspire you to have a Smart Wedding

What makes a wedding truly memorable? Sometimes it’s the grandeur, sometimes the destination, and sometimes, like in the case of Harshini & Aditya, it’s a conscious effort to make every moment a pleasure for everyone involved.

Harshini and Aditya tied the knot last month, and their singular aim was to have a celebration that was close to their roots, celebrated their traditions and never inconvenienced their guests!

Here’s how they had their version of a smart wedding!

Harshini & Aditya - The couple with a smart wedding
Harshini & Aditya – The couple with a smart wedding

One event wedding

The couple decided to do away with the reception and embrace a single event wedding. “Receptions usually tend to be a photo session and we wanted to skip that.” They were very clear that their focus was the wedding and they wanted guests to be connected to and involved with every small ceremony on that day. “Our effort was to get all the rituals right and to make sure our guests understood the significance of a multi-ceremony Iyer wedding.”

Harshini & Aditya - In the midst of a  fun Maalai matral ceremony
Harshini & Aditya – In the midst of a fun Maalai matral ceremony

No paper invites

“Aditya was very keen on going paperless, so a wedding website was the way to go.” says Harshini. A quick search on Google helped the couple find Wedding Wishlist. They used the website to explain each ceremony and what it meant, so guests could understand the history behind their traditions. To say their wedding website was a resounding success among guests is an understatement. “Aditya tells me that our friends and family have barely congratulated him on the wedding. They are just telling him how brilliant our website looks,” laughs Harshini. Because the couple explained every ceremony and its significance, guests actually attended the wedding on time and stayed throughout. They looked forward to each ritual they had read about, and that was very exciting for the couple.

The duo accepted gifts online through a wedding gift registry
The duo accepted gifts online through a wedding gift registry

No boxed gifts please!

The couple decided to stay away from boxed gifts, and created a wedding gift registry instead. “We were aware of the concept from the beginning but never knew that we could do it in India,” says the bride, Harshini. Instead of ending up with a truck-load of wedding gifts they wouldn’t end up using, Harshini & Aditya decided to create a travel fund in their gift registry. “With him being a musician and me a designer, travel seemed like the most obvious option. It helps keep us inspired!” There was a cash gift options for guests on a fixed budget too.

“We’re very grateful that all our guests were on board with the registry and stayed throughout the wedding. They loved the concept of a concert post the wedding and enjoyed being there. That to us – was the most special takeaway.”

With millennials like Harshini & Aditya, who are firm about wanting a waste-free and smart wedding, the big fat Indian wedding is about to get a smart makeover, with little room for wasted money, time, resources and gifts.

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