5 Unique Wedding Ideas for 2020 Wedding from this Indian Couple

This Indian couple had a big-ish Indian wedding in Gurgaon last month and they have all the unique wedding ideas to give!

Shevantika and Aditya, the much in love Gurgaon couple met through a couple of mutual friends. A few dates and it wasn’t so tough for the easy-going Aditya to have successfully impressed Shevantika. “As a couple, we’re both very easy going and pretty much on the same page about most things. That made it all the more beautiful to be with each other.” Generally preferring to be low key about most things, the couple even had a very quiet proposal. “During a nice walk post-dinner, Aditya decided to propose to me in the park that we generally spend a lot of time in.” 

Just like their own low-key life, the couple wanted to have a small and intimate wedding. But after a lot of contemplation with family and friends, a big-ish wedding between Delhi and Gurgaon was the way to go. 

Unique Wedding Ideas from Shevantika & Aditya
Unique Wedding Ideas from Shevantika & Aditya

Here’s how this couple tied the knot in their big-ish wedding. Grab all the unique wedding ideas you can:

Gift Registry

“My father in law was the one who hinted at this unique wedding idea of a wedding registry”, said Shevantika. Shevantika’s father in law wanted his friends to give the couple only things they would actually use. So the decision to create a gift registry was made. Shevantika and Aditya added a mix of homeware and barware for the new house they were moving into. The best part? Their gift registry was very well accepted. Everything in the list except one item was fully purchased. 

Personalised online wedding invitations and gift bags. 

The couple decided to go digital for their wedding invitations. Only a couple of cards were printed for the elders of the family. “We got one card hand-painted as the base design for our cards. We replicated that design digitally for our online wedding invites,” she said. The same design then turned out to be the basic theme of the wedding. The design was also used for their wedding return bags too. 

Hangover kit

A cocktail party calls for hangovers. Team Shevantika and Aditya decided to be considerate enough to do hangover kits for guests who would be drinking. An ideal hangover kit would have a mix of snacks, mouth freshener, toothbrush and most importantly first aid with the required medicines to deal with the night. 

Dance essentials

A Punjabi wedding is incomplete without dance. A quick change to flip flops to dance the night away is all guests need after attending wedding functions in uncomfortable footwear. The couple arranged for a box of flip flops for all those friends who danced post the events. 

Mehendi decor

Just like the wedding invite theme was replicated into the wedding return gifts bag, the mehendi decor too had notecards with the same print throughout the venue for guests to write messages for the couple. “I am so glad that we personalised the mehendi decor with the notes.  We received such lovely notes from all our guests,” said Shevantika 

These are the unique wedding ideas that you could try for your wedding too. If you attended a unique wedding recently and spotted something different, write to us and stand a chance to get featured. 

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