10 Kinds of Wedding Video Invitations You Can Find in 2019!

Wedding Video Invitations are replacing paper cards at a rapid pace. Not only are they eco-friendly but also fun and can be stored in WhatsApp. Couples have innumerable options of wedding video invitations to choose from, some of which you would’ve never heard of!

Here are the different types of wedding video invitations you could choose from!

Wedding Video Invitations
Wedding Video Invitations

#1. DIY Video

By Meaningful Projects

What if someone told you that you could make your own wedding video invitations? Check out this lovely video that can be shot anywhere using a phone. You just need some images, pinboard, cute stationery and basic editing skills, and your wedding video invitation is ready. It will not only save you money but will also be a fun, creative project for you and your partner. 

PRO TIP: Focus on making every frame look good. You can use flowers and plants to decorate each frame. You can do it on any wall if you don’t have a  pinboard. 

#2. Theme based

By Video Tailor

Who hasn’t heard of Game of Thrones? Whether you have watched the series or not, everyone has listened to their friends or relatives passionately rant about the TV series. These two fans decided to express their love for the series in their wedding video invitation. The video is inspired by the opening credits sequence of Game of Thrones, and the creators have done a fabulous job of animation. From the castles to the soundtrack, every detail has been added with the utmost care. 

PRO TIP: It is always fun to have theme parties at weddings. From Bollywood to Game of Thrones, you can choose any theme and customise wedding video invitations accordingly like the Harry Potter theme video below.

By Radhika Pittie Studio

#3. Couple Portrait

By Wedding Wishlist

For couples who are looking for a simple yet unique video idea, go for a black and white sketch. A couple’s portrait never goes out of style and looks elegant as well. It’s fairly simple to make and adds a personal touch to a generic wedding video invitations. 

PRO TIP: If you aren’t a fan of sketches, you can use any picture for the video.

#4. Caricatures Video

By Parekh Cards

Another unconventional way of making your wedding video invitation unique is through caricatures. Add the bride and groom’s animated cartoons in the video. It will not only look adorable but will also bring a smile on the face of your guests.

PRO TIP: You can use the same caricatures for all your wedding stationeries. 

#5. Rajasthani Theme 

By Shubh Vivaah

Whether you plan to have a destination wedding in Rajasthan or a Rajasthani themed wedding, this wedding video invitation is perfect for both. It is colourful, fun and represents the cultural state beautifully. It will also give your guests a feel of the Rajasthani wedding. The song “Chaudhary” from Coke Studio goes well with the theme. The Rajasthani puppets and the animated City Palace door add so much beauty to the wedding video invitation. 

PRO TIP: You can create similar videos for any state of culture. For example, an animated video featuring dhols, bhangra dancers and Punjabi music for a Punjabi wedding. 

#6. Stop Motion Video

By The Wedding Matinee 

If you want to go for something unique and cute, opt for stop motion videos. Not only are they adorable, but there is so much you can do in them. You can go for a text video or a picture video or combine both. You can tell any story through a stop motion video. Add personal pictures, show your love story or add a theme, a stop motion video is always loved by everyone.

PRO TIP: Make sure you hire a competent creator for a stop motion video. 

By Papercats Official

#7. Pop of Colours

By Happy Invites

A big fat Indian wedding is loud, colourful and fun-filled. This wedding video invitation can be used for any big Indian wedding. The pop of bright colours combined with peppy Bollywood song is so Shaadi appropriate. The content is relatively simple and straightforward, but the quirky design makes it unique. 

PRO TIP: Use a colour palette that is similar to your wedding decor and other wedding stationaries. 

#8. Professional Love Story

By Happy Invites

Who would have thought that a doctor-engineer wedding could have such a fun wedding video invitation? It is an adorable way of telling a love story using professions of bride and groom. The animation is cute and simple. It’s definitely something that will make your guests go “Aww”. Add some quirky and witty puns to your wedding video invitation to make it light-hearted. 

PRO TIP: A similar video can be created for any two professions. You just need some creativity, and this can be a fun way of inviting your guests. 

#9. Destination Wedding

By Radhika Pittie Studio

This wedding video invitation will set your guests in the mood to party even before the wedding. It’s casual and fun – everything that you can expect at a beach wedding in Thailand. Destination weddings are intimate and fun, and the wedding video invitations must represent the same. 

PRO TIP: You can add elements of the destination as well such as Eiffel Tower for a Paris wedding, elephants or Thai dancers for a Thailand wedding and so on. 

#10. Animated Text 

By Artsy Design Co.

By Happy Invites

If your style is minimal, opt for a text-based wedding video invitation. You can add minimum animation or not. This simple and to the point wedding video invitation is short and sweet. The wedding logo adds a personal touch and elegance to the video. The soothing music goes well with the theme. 

PRO TIP: If you don’t want traditional elements, you can always opt for something that’s close to your heart. It could be fairy lights or stars or dream catchers. Make sure to add a personal touch by choosing elements that represent you as a couple. 

This wedding season, go green and go paperless. Choose from a variety of unique wedding video invitations for your guests.

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