Top 5 Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Wedding

It’s that time already! You’ve picked out your trousseau, chosen your wedding party, and booked the venue – all that remains is to pick out the menu. From butter chicken to payasum – there’s a lot to taste (enjoy it while you can), but don’t forget the most important part – the wedding cake!

wedding cake ideas

                                             Wedding Cake Ideas

Why is the cake so important? Well, traditionally the wedding cake is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Each guest needs to have a slice and the custom of having a multi-layered cake actually came into being out of necessity rather than aesthetics. After all, they had to feed all the guests!

Today, the cake is a small but personal affair. It’s your chance to add a personal touch to the wedding and showcase your personalities.

So, keeping that in mind, our wedding cake ideas for desi wedding are:

#1. Patterns And Prints:

If traditional white and cream cakes bore you, perhaps it’s time to add a splash of colour and some patterns into the mix. From leopard print (for the daring) to intricate henna-inspired designs (for the imaginative), there are a lot of options to choose from. You can even have metallic accents to add a little sparkle to the proceedings.

#2. On Top Of The World: Bobbleheads Cake Topper

Cake toppers on a wedding cake are a time honoured tradition that you can have a little fun with. Usually, the bride and groom are sculpted standing side-by-side or looking into each other’s eyes. However, you can play around with the concept a little and make it more personal. You and your spouse could even be dancing, playing a game, and much more. You can even dress them in sarees and sherwanis for the full desi-effect.

#3. Couple’s Photograph on top of the Cake:

A recent trend that’s growing in popularity is to print the couple’s photograph on top of the wedding cake. This is the perfect way to show off that prewedding shoot you had, and make sure no one forgets how stunning you look. Best of all, this semi-digital marvel doesn’t take away from the taste of the cake (yum!).

#4. The Cupcake Craze:


If you don’t have your heart set on a typical tiered wedding cake, it is worth succumbing to the cupcake craze. You can even personalize each cupcake to reflect a variety of interests. They’re so easy to eat (and save for later). You also have a wide range of flavours to choose from and don’t have to settle for just one.

#5. Go With A Theme:



If you’ve been waiting your whole life for a superhero themed cake – now is your shot! While we’re not advocating something garish or silly, there are plenty of interesting and subtle ways you can incorporate your favourite things into your wedding day. A nice, well-designed wedding cake will capture the essence of your interests without being inappropriate. Just don’t “Hulk smash!”

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