A comprehensive compilation of the coolest and best gift for wedding couples

wedding gift ideas for indian couples

Best wedding gift ideas for Indian couples

Coming up with the best gift for a wedding couple can be a challenge. Couples get hundreds of gifts on their big day and to think of something that stands out and is remembered can be a tough ask.

But, to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of unique and interesting best gifts for wedding couples that will let you relax and enjoy the wedding season.

#1. DigiGold

Gold is a great gift because its something that keeps increasing in value and becomes an asset for life. It is an investment in your future and possesses a unique sense of belonging. Giving gold as a gift to a couple is something they will remember and cherish. The best part about gifting DigiGold is, no minimum amount is needed and DigiGold can be gifted digitally as well as physically.

#2. Personalised Bobbleheads

Recording the sweet moment of the wedding day by customizing a wedding bobblehead. A unique gift for lovers and a wedding cake topper.

#3. An Instant Camera

It’s cute, it’s got a vintage vibe and it will be loved by every couple. If anyone has a lifetime of memories to create, it’s the newlyweds and with this camera, they don’t have to wait for it to be on their wall! This is one of the best gifts for wedding couples and you best believe that they would use it in no time!

#4. Copper Drink Ware

Here’s something that’s usable, stylish, has health benefits and makes the perfect gift under a wedding gift registry idea. Plus it’s not a run off the mill idea. Copper has taken over the world as the latest sign of healthy living and is used traditionally as well. Ideal fit for an Indian wedding gift for couples. You can opt for a carafe, a jug with 2 glasses or a copper gift set. There are plenty of options available to choose from, both online and offline. With brands coming out with beautiful copper tableware collections, you’ll be spoilt for options.

#5. Customised Scent

Perfumes are often presented as wedding gifts. But to make it unique, get the couple a scent that is customized to their personality. There are brands that create custom fragrances based on a person’s choice of ingredients, resulting in a perfume that is unique to them. Perfumers spend time with clients to understand their tastes and create something bespoke for each individual. What’s even better is that you can have the bottle customized with their name.

#6. A class or experience they enjoy

Gift the couple a fun, relaxing experience that they would enjoy. From a cooking class with their favourite chef to a private lesson in salsa or ballroom dining, there’s plenty to choose from. In a sea of gifts that the couple receive, this gift choice will be like a breath of fresh air. Opt for an activity you think the couple will enjoy and give them a gift certificate for the same.

#7. Fun memberships and gift cards

Be it Netflix, Amazon Prime or Pepperfry Etc you could choose a huge collection of memberships and gift cards that will go a long way with the couple. Give the couple a membership of something they like. They will use it for a long period of time, and remember you when they do so!

#8. Personalized coasters

Make your wedding gifts truly memorable by getting the couple a set of customized coasters under the wedding gift registry idea. You can get creative with this one and print fun one-liners and quirky messages that the couple would resonate with. There are many online companies that can do this for you. And can one ever have enough coasters?

#9. Board Games

Game nights are an amazing way to make an evening fun, so go ahead and pick a really cool and exciting board game as a wedding present. Skip the usual suspects like Taboo, Pictionary or Mono Deal if you want to avoid a repeat and opt for a wedding gift registry idea guaranteed to surprise the couple.

#10. Wine Tasting for Two

No one can complain about this gift, can they? Wine is undoubtedly the best gift for wedding couples! Pick a restaurant that’s known for their sommelier and book a wine tasting for 2 as a wedding present. Paired with a good ambience and a few courses of cheese will make this wedding gift a truly amazing one. Plus you won’t have to worry about your gift being a repeat. You could also give them a complete bar collection to set up at home, which would be a thoughtful and long-lasting gift. 

#11. A Scratch Map

If the couple you’re gifting to is travel buffs, this cool new idea is something they will absolutely love and zooms its way across the best gifts for wedding couples. Get them a scratch-able world map that they can use to highlight the places they’ve been to and the ones on their bucket list.

#12. A Charitable Donation

If you want to give a couple that has everything already something truly meaningful, then charity is a great choice. Find a cause that’s close to their heart and make a donation to a charity that furthers it. It will ensure that they begin their new life with many blessings, and you have also just discovered the best gifts for the wedding couple to remember their important day.

#13. Something handmade

Here’s an idea that would truly convey your love for the couple and entitle as a customised Indian wedding gift for couples. Take the time and effort to create something amazing, funny or emotional. From a scrapbook to a mock magazine or even a piece of art, anything that shows them the time and effort you put in is bound to be a very well appreciated gift for any occasion!

#14. A Monogrammed Seal

It’s a trend that has really caught on. With the increasing popularity of customized stationery, there’s a likelihood that someone else may get the couple a set. But a monogrammed wax seal with the couple’s initials is a great choice, unlikely to be re-gifted, and guaranteed to be used.

#15. Travel Accessories

From luggage tags and eye masks to overnight bags and laptop bags, there is a whole range of travel accessories that you can gift the couple. For the tech-savvy couple, you can even opt for a global adapter, travel mug and more. Customise them with the couple’s initials or do his & hers set to take the gift to the next level.

#16. Cashmere

If you’re looking to be a bit extravagant, get the couple something in this luxurious fabric. Be it a robe or a throw, cashmere lends itself beautifully to the world of gifting. And the best part about it is that it is very unlikely to be something the couple buys for themselves. However, once they start using it, addictive is the only way to describe how they’ll feel. It’s going to be the ultimate snuggly gift they could hope for.

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