5 Most-Wanted Wedding Gifts for 2019!

Most Wanted Wedding Gifts
Top Most Wanted Wedding Gifts

The New Year brings with it a whole new calendar filled with events, weddings and social dos! And if you’re slated to attend some (or many) weddings this year, one question that’s bound to be troubling you is what to gift the couple. After all, for any wedding you attend, your gift needs to compete with approximately 500 others, and still be memorable for the couple. Well, we’ve just made it super easy for you! We decided to play Santa and asked hundreds of soon-to-be-married couples what they would love as a wedding gift. And here are the top 5 picks!

#1. An Experience

Millennials are known for many things, but a love for ‘things’ isn’t one of them! So not surprisingly, one of the top choices for couples was a fun experience. Spanning a wide range of budgets, this gift could go from a honeymoon in Bali to a cooking class around the corner! The idea being that couples today love new experiences and places and would rather be gifted something that allows them to spend time together and have fun than a gift that they won’t use.

Suggestions: Ballroom dance classes; a meal voucher at their favourite restaurant; a couple’s massage.

If you’re a group that wants to gift together: A weekend getaway; honeymoon tickets.

#2. Something Fit & Fabulous

A remarkable trend among young couples today is their commitment towards a healthy lifestyle, and this throws up a whole plethora of gift choices for guests. All our couples’ wishlist included something to do with fitness, from new-age blenders to smartwatches and fitness bands. This is a gift choice that’s bound to become a long-term part of the couple’s life together.

Suggestions: FitBit band, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, NutriBullet Mixer

If you’re a group that wants to gift together: Apple Watch, Vitamix Blender

#3. A Charity

What do you gift a couple that has it all? Well, the couples have answered, and charity is a big hit on their wishlist. For couples that genuinely don’t want or need anything, but know their guests would like to gift them something, a donation to a charity they believe in is a popular choice. After all, who wouldn’t want to start their new life with the blessings of those less fortunate?

Suggestions: From orphanages to animal welfare and medical trusts, the list is endless and every contribution counts.

If you’re a group that wants to gift together: Sponsor a couple’s wedding or pay for a child’s education.

#4. Personalized Wedding Gifts

In the sea of wedding gifts a couple receives at their wedding, one sure-fire way of standing out is giving them something personalised. After all, you know it will never be re-gifted (smart, right!). Couples love personalised wedding gifts, be it home accessories with their initials monogrammed or a stationery set with their names.

Suggestions: Personalised notecards & gift tags, monogrammed towel set, initialed cufflinks

If you’re a group that wants to gift together: Personalised luggage, a custom perfume designed to their taste

#5. A Gift that Keeps Giving

Wondering what this means? Now we don’t mean you keep giving them wedding gifts or invest in a fixed deposit! But couples get so many wedding gifts during their wedding that they can never enjoy everything fully. So why not get something that will make them feel special for a longer period of time? Gifts like a flower-delivery subscription that sends them a bouquet every month on their anniversary day for a year, or a movie card that allows them to watch free movies for a long time are gifts that are hard to forget!

Suggestions: A PVR gift card; flower delivery subscription

If you’re a group that wants to gift together: A gym membership; monthly couples massages

You can buy these gifts online on www.weddingwishlsit.com. The website also allows you to create a group gift for any product/experience and share the link with your friends or family. Each person gets a payment link where they can pay their share.

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