The Top 15 People for Wedding Photography in Mumbai

wedding photography in Mumbai
Top Wedding photographers in Mumbai

The scene for Wedding Photography in Mumbai is just like any other metro city. Big, beautiful and bold. Under the influence of Bollywood, these photographers and videographers in Mumbai are known to make the best kind of wedding cinema in India. We love their quirky style and out of the box approach to wedding photography. From spontaneous wedding pictures to cinemagraphs, pre-wedding photo session to the d-day footage, these wedding photographers in Mumbai will make your wedding memories worth every penny you spend.

Here are our top 15 favorite people for wedding photography in Mumbai.

#1. Dream Diaries

Started by Kartik Bhagat, Dream Diaries is a group that runs a wedding photography company in Mumbai who specialize in candid photography. We really like their wedding videos as they manage to capture all the right emotions every time, no wonder they are known for their wedding photography in Mumbai.

Facebook Page : Dream Diaries

#2. Wedding Nama

Founded by Ankita and Akash, the husband-wife duo who are extremely passionate about love stories. Wedding Nama is one of the best companies for wedding photography in Mumbai that captures your best memories with great visual imagery. Their candid photography will make you nostalgic in the times to come. Also, the subtle details they manage to capture on the lens is commendable.

Facebook Page : Wedding Nama

#3. Anoop Padalkar Photography

Their wedding videos are whimsical reminisces of the wedding day and their wide shots couple portraitures are larger than life, making them perfect choice for an assignment for wedding photography in Mumbai. We really like the video editing pace of their pre-wedding teasers that evoke a sense of wonder.

Facebook Page : Anoop Padalkar Photography

#4. Knots & Vows

The brainchild of Jake Mathew and Alistair Bangera, Knots & Vows captures the wedding rituals transcending cultures and religion. The use of a lot of ambient light adds an edge to their creative candid wedding photography. If you’re old school in your approach, you could even have them shooting your wedding with the film cameras for that vintage grainy feel.

Facebook Page : Knots & Vows

#5. Stories by Joseph Radhik

Joseph is an IIM graduate who’s passion lies in visual art and storytelling. Known for covering South Asian weddings, Stories by Joseph Radhik is one of the most remarkable wedding photography service based out of Mumbai. They have so far covered more than 300 weddings in 25 countries. So whether you’re looking at a destination wedding in India or abroad, we recommend you to check out their portfolio to decide for yourself.

Facebook Page : Stories by Joseph Radhik

#6. Jodi Clickers

Jodi clickers covered their first wedding in Mumbai but haven’t looked back since. Hailed as destination wedding photographers, they have traveled through the length and breadth of the country and even beyond to capture mesmerizing wedding tales. We love the fast cuts editing in their wedding films.

Facebook Page : Jodi Clickers

#7. Camera Crew

Camera Crew is not just another wedding photography service based in Mumbai but a luxury wedding film production house. The company is founded by Rajesh Dembla who is the creative genius behind the magic crew. Rajesh is joined by his daughter Soniya in this creative pursuit. She has a marketing degree from the University of Glasgow has taken over the management giving the company a competitive edge.

Facebook Page : Camera Crew

#8. Richa Kashelkar

Richa has a unique eye for wedding photography that is evident in her work. She studied architecture and her photography style is essentially artistic photojournalism. She manages to capture every minute detail aesthetically. We recommend her for intimate wedding affairs.

Facebook Page : Richa Kashelkar

#9. Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

Both Namit Narlawar and Vipul Sangilkar come from a computer engineering background and discovered their passion for wedding photography by chance. They are invested in capturing all the myriad emotions associated with weddings. We particularly like their pre-wedding photography.

Facebook Page : Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

#10. The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad is a collaborative wedding photography venture based in Mumbai that excels in capturing the quintessential essence of a contemporary Indian wedding. What we like about their work is that each frame is carefully curated to portray the underlying emotion in the visual format. Highly recommended for pre-wedding and even save-the-date photography.

Facebook Page : The Wedding Salad

#11. Reels and Frames

Reels and frames is one of the best wedding photography services in Mumbai that is absolutely tech savvy. We love their blend of art and technology in candid photography. We also love their quirky and out of the box wedding films.

Facebook Page : Reels and Frames

#12. The Photo Diary By Monisha

Monisha’s forte is candid photography. She creates magical memories by capturing spontaneous moments. We feel her images create an unparalleled immersive world of wedding memories.

Facebook Page : The Photo Diary By Monisha

#13. Picture Perfect India

A passionate group of photographers who relentlessly strive to achieve the highest level of artistic imagery through wedding photography. We really like their bridal portraitures.

Facebook Page : Picture Perfect India

#14. Candid Shutters

Candid Shutters Is an award winning wedding photography service based out of Mumbai. They specialize in capturing your larger than life moments of your big day.

Facebook Page : Candid Shutters

#15. The Cheesecake Project

Founded by Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta, The Cheesecake Project is literally like a bridesmaid who’s collecting personal and intimate memories of your wedding. We really like their wedding films as they are able to capture the essence of the love story through a strongly woven narrative.

Facebook Page : The Cheesecake Project

So that’s the top 15 people for wedding photography in Mumbai, if you’re looking for more information on wedding planning check out our website

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