The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning During the Unlock!

As things begin to normalize, what does it mean for the big fat Indian
wedding? how to go ahead with the wedding planning? After months of dark Covid clouds, we can finally see a sliver of hope. As India continues to see a drop in active cases, and the launch of a vaccine is imminent, one can hope to slowly return to life, as we knew it. But where does one strike the balance? How much relaxation is too much? And will we end up with a second wave? Couples looking to tie the knot need answers to these questions so they can plan their big day safely and in style!

Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Here’s everything you need to know about your wedding planning during the Unlock!

#1. One rule does NOT fit all!

While India as a whole is seeing a drop in cases, certain states like Delhi are witnessing their sharpest ever spike in COVID19 cases. So to assume that the general flattening of the curve applies to you is not always true.
Understand the situation in your city, the current unlock rules applicably
and the general environment before deciding on the scale of your

#2. Get real!

While it’s great to be optimistic about the current situation, one has to assess the facts before making a call. As the Western world grapples with a second wave, this could be a very real possibility in India too. The cold months, pollution, and increased socializing can lead to a sudden spike in cases, so at this stage, small is the safest way to go. So while wedding planning, keep your guest list minimum and avoid out of town guests as far as possible.

#3. But also make it dreamy

Just because your wedding is best kept small at this point, does not mean that it can’t be a perfect celebration. The good thing about the current situation is that the curve is flattening and people are becoming more comfortable with socializing. So if you keep your guest list to a close-knit
group of people, where everyone is comfortable with each other, you will be a lot less paranoid and have a lot more fun.

#4. Create a bubble!

Take inspiration from the IPL while wedding planning and create a safety bubble for your wedding. If most of your guests are in town, and you have a nice wedding destination within driving distance, go for it. Have everyone drive to the venue and stay in for a few days. You can celebrate your wedding stress-free knowing you’re surrounded by a safe bunch of people who aren’t going in and out.

#5. Safety is always first

However, you chose to celebrate, keep in mind that you don’t want to start your married life with the burden of knowing that your wedding was a hotbed for the virus. So follow all the Governmental rules, use your own discretion, and don’t let down your guard. Sanitizers and masks are here to stay, for a while at least, and they need to be a part of your wedding too!

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