10 Must-Know Wedding Trends For 2019

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Top Wedding Trends of 2019

Every year brings something new in the wedding industry, and we have compiled the latest wedding trends in 2019. What was in in 2018 may not be cool today so check out the list below and make your wedding memorable by incorporating these ideas.

#1. Bride’s baaraat

Gone are the days when the groom and his gang entered the mandap dancing while the bride had to take a slow and shy walk down the aisle. Brides these days want to make a grand and loud entry. And why not? Why should ladkewalas have all the fun, right? Bridal baaraat is the newest wedding trend in 2019 where the bride, along with her friends and family, makes an entry dancing on the dhol. We absolutely love this trend as it is not only fun, but every bride must arrive in style.

#2. Wedding logo

Brand your wedding with a wedding logo. The simple golden logo for Priyanka and Nick’s wedding, bearing their initials, became a symbol that was seen at most of their wedding functions. Wedding logos can be simple and elegant or quirky and fun. These logos not only add a personal touch to the wedding but also look great as a part of the wedding decor. From wedding stationery to photo booths, wedding logos can be incorporated with everything. In fact, you can also add the logo design in your mehendi. After all, it’s a unique symbol of your beautiful wedding.

#3. Something borrowed

Every little girl wishes to look as beautiful as her mother and nothing compares to the bond between a mother and her daughter. A wedding is not only a special event for the bride’s mother, but it is also an emotional day for her. Bride’s these days like to incorporate something of their mother with their wedding dress. It could be a dupatta, a saree, jewellery or an entire outfit. This gesture makes the outfit even more special than what it is. Isha Ambani Piramal decided to drape her mom’s 35 years old wedding saree as a dupatta and won many hearts for this beautiful gesture. How special will it be if it passed on for generations and worn by daughters of daughters for their weddings? It’s an heirloom piece that is preserving.

#4. Lehenga trails

The designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla have been trendsetters for decades. They designed an exquisite wedding lehenga for Isha Ambani Piramal that featured a beautiful trail. Earlier, trails were seen in ball gowns and wedding dresses, but the veteran designers proved that Indian brides too could enjoy trails in their lehengas. Similar trails have been seen on many brides who like to take things up a notch. 2019 will definitely see more brides opting for a lehenga trail, and we are excited to see Indian designers add fresh and creative designs to lehenga trails.

#5 Botanical décor

If you cannot get married amidst nature, then bring nature to your wedding. Why settle for flowers when you can add an entire garden to your wedding decor? Go green this wedding season with beautiful foliage drapings and wreaths incorporated with your wedding decor. It looks pleasing, lovely and impressive. Floral ceilings, botanical centrepieces and foliage elements can change the entire decor game at any wedding. It will look magnificent and make the pictures look appealing too.  

#6. Pre-wedding intimate dinners

Indian weddings can get crowded at times leaving very little time for the bride and the groom to spend with their close ones. Couples these days are choosing to organise a pre-wedding intimate dinner with just their immediate family and closest of friends. It gives them a private evening with only the people that matter. Similar to a rehearsal dinner, it usually involves a sit-down dinner where the bridesmaids and the groomsmen give toasts and wish the happy couple.

#7. Mehendi

When it comes to mehendi design, the latest trends is minimal and personalisation. Brides no longer prefer to fill their arms with mehendi; instead they believe that less is more. They also like to incorporate personal details and meaningful symbols in their mehendi designs. It could be their wedding hashtag, details from their love story or even things that really matter to them. For example, a bride may choose to incorporate the design of the Tower Bridge and The Big Ben if she met her groom in London.

#8. Eco-friendly wedding

Millennials couples are conscious of their environment and prefer to take the eco-friendly approach even at their wedding. This means taking deliberate steps in reducing waste, going plastic-free and minimising carbon footprint at the wedding. Wedding planners these days are well-equipped to handle an eco-friendly wedding. Couples can choose to keep reusable cutleries or banana leaves instead of plastic plates. They may also organise the wedding in the open during the day to save electricity. The most common way is to opt for e-invites, and do away with paper wedding invitation cards. It’s a great example to set and everyone must follow this trend.  

#9. Rani haar in contrast colour

When it comes to bridal jewellery, rani haars are making a comeback but in contrast colours. Rani haars have recently made a comeback in bridal jewellery. From satladas to diamond rani haars, different designs of these heritage jewellery pieces are seen on every bride these days. What is interesting is that some brides are going for a contrast colour haar that stands out and makes a bold statement. A red lehenga with green haar or a pastel lehenga with maroon haar are some of the beautiful contrasts we have seen on brides this wedding season.

#10. Social Media Pages

Wedding hashtags are common these days, but couples have started taking a step further by creating Instagram pages of their wedding. They use this page to keep their friends and family updated on the wedding madness. The page is also used to generate excitement before the wedding by posting pre-wedding shoot pictures and event details. Some couples also create apps or websites of their wedding where the guests are informed of the events and wedding pictures are shared with everyone.

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