9 Wedding Video Invitation Ideas for Your Wedding in 2020

With a great Indian wedding comes a greater etched responsibility- to make smarter decisions. One of the wisest things you could opt to do for starters is to ditch paper invitations completely. More and more people are starting to opt for paperless wedding invites. What better way to do so than make an entire movie (well, of sorts) to replace a card that’s going to be tossed in the trashcan of your folks’ homes in no time, anyways? A wedding video invitation basically has zero limitations. You can choose your own theme, put in how much ever material you want in it, send it to thousands with no courier hassles, go crazy creative with the edits and whatnot. 

Get those creative juices flowing with inspiration from the top wedding video invitation designs of 2020: 

Wedding Video Invitation Ideas for 2020
Wedding Video Invitation Ideas for 2020

#1. Hobby-Themed Video Invite

Don’t want an elaborate depiction of your love affair that requires you to float around in heavy costumes? You can still have a simple wedding video invitation shot right within the comfort of your couch that makes people go “this video is so you two”. What’s something that you’re certain people catch you doing together all the time? Binge watching a non mainstream show? Playing fortnite all day? Whatever it is that makes the two of you, you– a snippet of this is sure to make your folks have an awww moment. Follow this up with a short “why we would love to have you” speech and you’re good to hit send! 

#2. The Lazy Video Invite

Weddings can be a stressful time for the bride and groom. So creating a wedding video invitation from scratch sure as hell may not be on your priority list. “The Lazy Invite”: A video invitation for couples of the 21st century to one hundred per cent delegate all wedding invitation tasks to their kins. Gather around friends of the bride and groom because you have work to do. Going paperless is simple when you have a gallery filled with sweet and well, not so sweet pictures and snippets of the couple-to-be on your devices. All you have to do is record their voices for a “save the date” speech (also optional) and hire a videographer to take care of the rest. 

#3. “The Trailer” Wedding Video Invite

A big fat Indian wedding calls for a wedding video invitation that does justice to this grand event. The wedding video must typically represent the theme of the wedding itself- like a trailer of the actual wedding. The flower decoration, a little ‘team bride’ and ‘team groom’ dance snippet, costumes and colour – all of these are ingredients of a perfectly made trailer wedding invitation video. This is only the biggest event of your life, so you’d better not be holding back on the pomp and show preceding it. 

#4. The Unconvention Theme

Everything’s twice as fun when you add a theme to it. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, weddings and most importantly- wedding invitation videos! You’re going to have so many ideas for your invitation video. These will most likely create a muddle in your head because they’re difficult to incorporate in one single video. Theming your invitation, on the other hand, helps you focus on a single favourite theme and revolve all your ideas in accordance with it. The theme could range from your favourite movie/TV show to something you’re both collectively fond of, like standup comedy, horror films or politics even.

#5. Stop Motion Video Invite

With little time on your plate, you could even choose to use your smartphone to make a unique stop motion video for your wedding invitation. Get creative by using the things around you. Infact, an amazing way to get all your wedding details out there is by creating a stop motion video of your wedding invitation card. Print a single card of your favorite design and the rest could all be sent out as videos. This way, you get to pick a wedding card AND go paperless at the same time!

#6. An Animated Explainer Video

Nothing cuter than an animated video explaining your love story and ending on a gorgeous save the date note. Since you don’t have to be in it, you can get crazy creative with your animations and pop-ups. This would, of course, require help from the professionals, but nonetheless, the outcome is one hundred per cent worth it! You can have depictions of your first date, first vacation, the proposal – all set as a story in a timeline. 

#7. Destination Wedding Video Invite

If you’re having a destination wedding, you can ballyhoo your entire itinerary and pump up the excitement starting now! Shots of the venue, the scenery, the beaches (if it’s a beach wedding) can all be plugged in to make a magical ‘save the date’ wedding video invitation for your destination wedding.  

#8. The “All About Tradition” Video Invite

Indian weddings are big on traditions. Every ceremony has special significance. Each function calls for a different vibe and attire. Both north and south Indian wedding traditions can beautifully be depicted in your wedding video invite. The Haldi, the “searching for a coin in a bowl of milk” game, the beautiful wedding getup of the bride and groom, Indian dance forms, the tikka ceremony- all of these rituals are magnificent in nature and ought to be captured on camera. You may not be up for making the effort to play dress-up before your wedding, just to have it all recorded and sent out as video invites. You can always choose to make use of existing stock videos of Indian wedding ceremonies. There are a gazillion available on the internet. 

#9. The SlideShow Video Invite

If you wish to create something rather personal and eternal, it’s always a good idea to take out old pictures of you two together and create a timeline of your love saga in the form of an animated slideshow. A wedding video invitation with some mushy background music that ends with a proposal snap is sure to warm your folks’ hearts (in addition to creating a movie of your story that you can reminisce for ages to come).

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