Year-End Reflections & What It Means for Weddings in 2021!

The celebrations may have been subdued this year, but when the clock hit the stroke of midnight, everyone was happy to bid adieu to 2020 and welcome a new year and new hope. There was a sense of unanimity and relief in leaving this dreaded year behind. But if we think a numeric change in our calendar will fix all that was wrong with 2020, we’re being delusional. Truth is, even as we all hope for things to get better, it will take time. And in that time, the lessons we learned in 2020 will help us sail through this year with a lot more ease. Many changes to weddings, educations, travels, etc will stay for sure.


So for all the weddings in 2021, here’s what to expect…

#1. The virus isn’t going anywhere just yet…

If you think the arrival of vaccines will make this virus disappear anytime soon, think again. It will easily be the end of 2021 before we can see a respite in numbers. However, we now understand the virus much better and have preventive and curative solutions for it. 

What It means for weddings: The 50-people weddings of 2020 are a thing of the past. So you can definitely plan bigger and better. However, the mega celebrations that defined Indian weddings are still a long way off. We now know the drill—sanitizer, mask, social distancing. And if these rules are followed, you can have a much larger guest list and a whole lot of fun! 

#2. Consciousness is the new chic 

If the year past taught us one thing, it’s that ostentatious is out and all things conscious and sustainable are in. And wedding trends for 2021 reflect just that. From locally sourced decor and ingredients to better waste disposal, this year will ensure that weddings are all about being in sync with the environment. It’s one of the few positives we’ve got from 2020 and we hope it’s here to stay! 

#3. Digital is definitely the king

Now here’s a trend that is not going anywhere. 2020 bought technology to the forefront of Indian weddings, and we don’t see this slowing down, ever! From e-invites and websites to live streaming of the wedding and online gift registries, technology has made weddings far more accessible, affordable, and convenient. And this is something millennial couples are not letting go of. So if you’re planning your wedding in the coming year, make sure you’re all connected with tech! 

#4. Small is big, in a big way

Couples are choosing to have smaller weddings despite COVID restrictions being lifted and this spillover from 2020 is definitely going to leave an impact. Before the pandemic, Indian parents flatly refused when it came to chopping the guest list, citing it as an impossible task. When corona struck, they were forced to go down to 50 and now there is no turning back. Couples know it’s possible to have smaller weddings and are preferring intimate celebrations with loved ones over massive parties where they don’t know half the guests. 

#5. Local is the new logical

It will be a while before we can all get back to our jet setting ways and weddings will be no different. So forget exotic locales for destination weddings or inviting guests from across the world. Even with your flowers, menu, and gifts, think locally-sourced. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s to look within rather than out—it’s safer, more doable, and definitely more budget-friendly. 

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